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  1. timr

    The Po River

    We have heard over the past few weeks about the suspension of Danilo's ferry to cross from Corte San Andrea to his own back garden on the way to Piacenza, on the VF. For so many people it is one of the highlights of the trip. This is due to low water levels in the Po, the longest river in Italy...
  2. timr

    Interesting church (near CF but not on the route)

    I am not sure where to post this - it doesn't fall into an obvious category. [Mods feel free to re-assign.] [Mod note: Done] It is the same story as many villages on the...
  3. timr

    Diversity among walkers

    I am finding it hard to find the right place to post this, but I think it would be of interest to some people. It has wider implications I think than just in UK, and I would think is relevant to the Camino. I hope it is not in any way contentious but I am sure the mods will keep an eye out if...
  4. timr

    Novel: Pilgrims by Matthew Kneale

    This book is listed on Amazon uk for release on 4th June. Pilgrims, by Matthew Kneale. I have no connection with the author, and am not promoting it ;). I'm just passing on the information on something possibly to look forward to. 1289. A rich farmer fears he'll go to hell for cheating his...
  5. timr

    All Walks of Life - TV programme Update

    This is a TV series on RTE the national broadcaster in Ireland. I mentioned it before and some people were naturally a bit cautious about "celebrity pilgrim shows". I will recommend it again, having seen the first two programmes. I was able to watch in UK with no difficulty on a computer. The...
  6. timr

    Irish TV programme with Mary McAleese: All Walks of Life

    Mary McAleese, formerly a distinguished lawyer, then the President of Ireland, and now a theologian has been walking the pilgrim routes of Ireland and there is an upcoming RTE TV series about her walks. She walked to Santiago de Compostela when she was still president in 2009. This note is...
  7. timr

    My ethical dilemma regarding a compostela

    Can anyone help me? I have been walking on the Camino de Invierno starting from Ponferrada last Tuesday. Ponferrada is 263km from SdC via the Invierno. I have collected two sellos each day. I have used nothing except my feet for locomotion. I passed "a" (I don't think it was "the") 100km...
  8. timr

    LIVE from the Camino Camino de Invierno October 2019

    Day 0 London to Ponferrada I haven't really got the time free for this pilgrimage but let that not stop me! It's ten years since I first walked from Lourdes to Santiago. I think this is my 12th or 13th time on the Camino path. Strangely it is almost 2 years since I've been in Spain, as last...
  9. timr

    Puente de Domingo Florez polideportivo

    I have tried searching for this information (here on the subforum) and cannot find it -though I suspect it may be there, and I am going to be embarrassed when it is pointed out to me ;) . Has anyone experience of the polideportivo in Puente de Domingo Florez this year? Is it open for solo walkers?
  10. timr

    BBC TV programme on Sultan's Trail (2020?)

    The Sultan's Trail, from Vienna to Istanbul, is a waymarked trail you can read about here. I have just heard Edwina Currie, a former MP and 'celebrity' in UK reveal that she has been filming a walk along this trail. This programme evidently follows two previous series on BBC TV, the first on...
  11. timr

    Non-Compostela Statistics Question

    Does anyone know of any estimate (and I don't know how it would be possible to make it 🤭 ) of the number of people who walk each year, (or in 2018), who didn't finish in Santiago or who, if they did, did not collect a compostela or distance certificate? I know 327,378 collected Compostela last...
  12. timr

    LIVE from the Camino Via Egnatia (towards Jerusalem)

    Wednesday 24 April 2019 Day 0 I walked the Via Francigena (VF) from Canterbury to Rome in the spring of 2018 and later I walked onward from Rome to Brindisi. Some people call this the VF del Sud but some object to this term. I am neutral on this issue. If I had stopped in Rome that might have...
  13. timr

    GSB: A guide to crossing the Great St Bernard Pass

    A Guide to crossing the Great St Bernard Pass (this is a long post: you might want to grab a coffee before you start!;)) I crossed the pass twice last year and did not find a single site or book which gathered together all the information I wanted, so I thought I would put something on record...
  14. timr

    LIVE from the Camino Via Francigena April 2018

    I'm walking Via Francigena right now. I'm in Wisques tonight. I'm blogging at I'm finding the number of places to possibly post a bit bewildering tbh. ;) Here, CSJ and Francigena FBs etc. I'm putting accommodation info and route info on the blog. I'd be happy to answer...
  15. timr

    Navigation problems gpx and site

    I am in Nairobi with not very good wifi. I am having afternoon off and trying to do some Francigena planning. And thought I would finally work out how to use or something similar. If I search for gps gpx kml kmz on this site these terms are "omitted" because they are "too short." I'm...
  16. timr

    Closure of Albergue at Medina de Rioseco

    After 525 years the Poor Clares (Clarisses) are leaving their convent at Medina de Rioseco due to falling numbers and aging. I discuss it on my post here on Black Friday. The remaining four sisters will move to Valladolid on Dec 8th 2017. It seems the albergue will not function after that. I...
  17. timr

    Black Friday on CdM

    I'm separating this off from my Live on The Camino thread which is here. Black Friday Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day in the US. A 'holiday weekend'. It has spread like wildfire in UK and Ireland in...
  18. timr

    LIVE from the Camino A short walk continued...

    Wednesday November 22 2017 I'm resuming my short walk from Madrid. You can find it here In May 2017 I walked from Madrid to Puente Duero and then to Valladolid from where I flew to UK for family business. (That's...
  19. timr

    An Ovine Incident - RIP

    An ovine (or hircine) incident. (RIP) or Can you name five famous Belgians? I'm separating this, but I'll link to it from my Live from the Camino thread. First of all a little bit of background. I was born in Liverpool which could make me English. I come from a100% Irish background, which...
  20. timr

    Crowdsourcing a question re Camino Madrid

    @Magwood and @Undermanager as your experience is fresh @KinkyOne and @peregrina2000 as you know nearly everything :) @JohnnieWalker for archival purposes Where exactly is the turn off for La Granja de San Ildefonso and/or Valsaín when walking from Cercedilla? I'm here now and loving it...

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