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  1. JillGat

    Ukulele training

    I am starting La Plata from Merida toward the end of March 2022. Yes, I'm doing some long walks in preparation. But I'm also practicing my ukulele, which I plan to bring along. Can't wait!
  2. JillGat

    Chaco Odyssey Sandals?

    I love my basic Chaco sandals.. have walked hundreds of miles in them (getting them re-strapped or re-soled when necessary). Chaco makes a closed toe sandal call the Odyssey. I like the concept, but they seem kind of lightweight to me. I'm just wondering if anyone here has walked any distance...
  3. JillGat

    La Plata from Merida in March 2022

    Is there still a calendar in this forum? I can't seem to find it. Planning to leave Merida on La Plata on around March 22 or 23. I'd like to see who else will be where at that time.
  4. JillGat

    Madrid to Badajoz, how?

    I'm flying into Madrid early in the morning (it's like a million years from now, spring 2022, but I love to dream about it) and wondering the best way to get to Merida or Badajoz that day. For some reason, there are no flights that day.. one the next day but I don't want to stay in Madrid...
  5. JillGat

    La Plata in March 2022

    That's my hopeful plan! I want to start from Merida because I need to take some side trips via taxi/bus from there before I start walking, and then side trips from Caceres when I get there, too. Being from Albuquerque, New Mexico, I need to visit Alburquerque in Espana, of course. That area...
  6. JillGat

    Updates from current walkers?

    I often think of some of my favorite albergues/hospitalero/as on the Camino Frances and wonder how they've fared. If anyone can check for me, I would love to hear about: Lorca: There are two albergues right across the path from each other. The one on the right is hosted by Jose Ramon, and the...
  7. JillGat

    all these Caminos coming from SE Spain?

    Looking at the lovely Camino wall map I bought from Ivar's shop - which I spend a lot of time doing - I notice a number of Caminos emanating from the SE part of the country, north and south of Alicante. I haven't heard much about these walks. Ruta del Argar from Lorca? I am wondering if they...
  8. JillGat

    portable keyboard for phone?

    I like to write, but I have arthritis, so my fingers cramp if I handwrite for too long. Pecking on a phone is okay for short messages but not for anything more. I've been wondering about a portable, foldable keyboard I could attach to my phone for travel. Has anyone here used one? I saw this...
  9. JillGat

    How do you wear a hat with a backpack?

    Having just been treated for skin cancer (squamous cell carcinoma), and as I really hate sunscreen, I am back to researching sun hats. I usually wear a baseball hat when hiking/walking the Camino. I tried a full brimmed hat, but the back hits against my backpack. I see other people with them...
  10. JillGat

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Got my first Covid-19 shot!

    Today I got my first Covid-19 vaccination. In three weeks, I will get the second. It's a robust vaccine, with 95% protection. They don't know, quite yet, whether being vaccinated completely prevents contracting and spreading the virus (even if you don't get sick), so still have to wear a mask...
  11. JillGat

    Long distance pilgrims trade gifts

    Walking the Camino Frances a couple of years ago, I kept meeting up with Lindsay from Scotland. We never walked together, but - whether in a busy bar in a big city or on a remote side trail where I saw no one else - there was Lindsay. We'd have a beer (for him) and a glass of wine (for me)...
  12. JillGat

    Your favorite little bar on the Camino?

    I'm working on a mosaic art piece that includes a small bar on the Camino. Kind of like the Cowboy Bar in El Ganso. Looking for inspiration. Would love it if any of you could give me names and/or pictures of your favorite little bar along the way. Thanks! Jill
  13. JillGat

    What did you love best about walking la Plata?

    I feel drawn to walking La Plata next time I'm able to do a Camino. I've heard from some people that they found it boring, grueling, ran into logistics re. finding water, places to stay, etc. But I've heard from others that it was their favorite Camino. I want to hear what you loved about it...
  14. JillGat


  15. JillGat

    Vicente Fernandez

    En medio de la pandemia, Chente es todo lo que necesitas escuchar.
  16. JillGat

    Today's New Mexico Camino

    April 24, 2020 Today I riffed on the historical connections between Spain and New Mexico in all sorts of ways. Most of the day I hiked along one of the oldest acequias (water ditches) in Albuquerque, right next to the original, ancient route of the Camino Real; now Edith Blvd. NW El Camino Real...
  17. JillGat

    All About Osprey

    I spent last week up in Dolores, Colorado, staying with my friends, Mike and Diane. Mike and I have now been friends for 50 years (!) since we hiked and camped together as young teenagers. He owns, and founded, Osprey Backpacks. I used to tease him because he liked to sew. I said that...
  18. JillGat

    Pedra Furada

    I haven't seen anyone mention this funny little town between Rates and Barcelos on the Portugues. It is named for a large stone with a hole in it sitting next to the church. The story is that a saint was buried alive and he escaped by poking his head through this rock, creating the hole. From...
  19. JillGat

    Dealing with unwanted harassment

    I served in the US Peace Corps in a country where aggressive harassment of solo women was not just tolerated, but culturally celebrated in stories, jokes and song. If you reported it to the police, they were likely to come onto you, too. I developed my own way of responding to this behavior...
  20. JillGat

    Knee don't stop Mee

    I was always thankful, seeing all these walkers with knee support wraps, that I never had knee problems. Then last July (a year ago), I tore a lateral ligament in my knee, riding a bike. Apparently ligaments don't heal, as there is no blood supply. It's a structural issue and all you can do...

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