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  1. geraldkelly

    Weather in March and April along Via de la Plata

    Hi Mark, send me an email to and I'll send you the 2023 edition in PDF format (just published a few days ago).
  2. geraldkelly

    Weather in March and April along Via de la Plata

    It sounds like a good plan! Buen Camino!
  3. geraldkelly

    Weather in March and April along Via de la Plata

    If you want to sleep out then by all means carry a tent. I have never carried a tent on any Camino anywhere and I have never regretted not carrying one. I've only slept outside once and that was by choice. That said, leaving Seville at Easter it's likely to be pretty busy. How you deal with...
  4. geraldkelly

    Discarded face masks

    I think that's the first rule of wilderness hiking.
  5. geraldkelly

    New Schengen Area travel requirements from 2023

    Interesting article on the Euronews website about the new visa system which will come online in 2023 for non-EU citizens visiting a Schengen Area country.
  6. geraldkelly

    Weather in March and April along Via de la Plata

    I'm assuming you're starting in Seville. It's a good time to walk. Rain is possible, especially in the north, you'll just have to plan for that. My FAQ contains climate data:
  7. geraldkelly

    Who Knows - hotel near Cathedral in Sevilla?

    Hotel Simon is popular with pilgrims. Just a couple of minutes from the cathedral. Someone posted a link above.
  8. geraldkelly

    Camino Baztan

    I would add that this isn't really a great Camino for a first-timer. There's likely to be no other pilgrims and the Camino passes through some remote areas and is hard to follow at times. If this is your first time I would recommend a more frequented Camino.
  9. geraldkelly

    Camino Baztan

    Everywhere there's a shop or bar there's water. This is the rainiest part of Spain, you won't die of thirst.
  10. geraldkelly

    Spain looking to extend UK passport holder stays beyond 90 days.

    One thing Spain could do is make it easier for non-EU citizens to get a longer stay visa. These are already available but I understand you would have to produce some kind of justification, taking care of an elderly parent, or something like that. However I don't think concessions like this will...
  11. geraldkelly

    Camping on the Camino?

    There was a discussion about wild camping on the Via de la Plata Facebook group. I did some investigating about the legal situation. I've described what I found out on the FAQ page of the Via website and have also put it on the Camino Francés FAQ. It's here...
  12. geraldkelly


    Look at the length of the stage and look at the facilities along the way and in your destination and make a decision based on that. On the Via it's always important to have some food on you because you never know when a bar or shop may be closed and you'll be left with nothing.
  13. geraldkelly

    Disappointment with Torres Del Rio - try the Palace instead!

    Yes, I've noticed this too. They give their guests the best rooms so they get better reviews because that's what drives the business.
  14. geraldkelly

    Camino Sanabres November 2022

    As an afterthought, if you're walking next month it's too late to be buying shoes now. You won't have time to try them out and break them in. You probably already own a pair of shoes which will do fine.
  15. geraldkelly

    Winging it or Getting a Helping Hand?

    Give me 6 grand and I'll walk the Camino for you.
  16. geraldkelly

    Camino Sanabres November 2022

    Rain is likely, yes. Regarding raingear and shoes, there are many long, detailed discussions on this forum about these subjects, use the search function to find them, at the end of the day these are personal decisions, what's comfortable, convenient for you. Difficulty level is entirely...
  17. geraldkelly

    Camino Sanabres November 2022

    I've walked this part in November, there's a strong possibility of rain and cold. And the albergue in Castro Dozon is still closed. Did you have any specific questions?
  18. geraldkelly

    Weather forecast reliability

    More than 5 days ahead weather forecasts are completely unreliable and mostly based on guess-work and statistical averages for the date and place. The best and most accurate app for weather in Spain is the official Meterological Office (AEMET) app. Search for AEMET on your phone's app store.
  19. geraldkelly

    COVID QR code for covid vax?

    Always get your information from official websites, don't make important decisions based on what random strangers tell you on the internet.
  20. geraldkelly

    Irish Pub in Oviedo?

    What game?

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