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  1. Ali@59

    Peregrino vegetal is dismantled

    Meow meow 😸 🤣
  2. Ali@59

    Peregrino vegetal is dismantled

    I think it's modeled on a " west highland white terrier" with just a little more colour
  3. Ali@59

    Peregrino vegetal is dismantled

    Its a puppy outside the guggenheim😂
  4. Ali@59

    Having painful blisters unable to walk and have 7 days left. Currently in Santiago

    I would spend a few days relaxing in some of these beautiful Galician coastal villages which are not too far from Santiago.
  5. Ali@59

    How to reach the start point of Sanabres way from Madrid?

    I caught the bus to Zamora from Madrid, it was €17 in September this year
  6. Ali@59

    Scottish Chapter?

    Hi Allan, I'm from Scotland, I've walked quite a few caminos, I would say just take your time, the first camino I walked was el norte and I wasn't very fit, it was hard work with lots of big ups and downs and I walked longer stages because I wouldn't have had time to reach Santiago, afterwards I...
  7. Ali@59

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 10.0

    I met these two lovely peregrinos in Roales just outside Zamora!!
  8. Ali@59

    Bilbao to st jean

    Hi Lisa, I caught the bus from Bilbao to Pamplona and then another bus to St Jean pied de port, that was in 2018, bus timetables shouldn't have changed much since then surely. Have a great time!
  9. Ali@59

    COVID Walking the Camino as a non-vaccinated pilgrim 2022-2023?

    So do the vaccinated not spread the covid then?
  10. Ali@59

    COVID Walking the Camino as a non-vaccinated pilgrim 2022-2023?

    Hi Rayne, I walked in September this year but was on the Camino Sanabria which was very quiet, and being unvaccinated myself i had to take a test before entry into Spain from UK, no problems at Madrid airport and then the wearing of masks on public transport which was fine, i had no issues at...
  11. Ali@59

    Starting second credential

    And I thought stamp collecting was a thing of the past 😂
  12. Ali@59

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 10.0

    Beautiful iglesia de San Miguel, Olleros de Tera, Camino Sanabria.
  13. Ali@59

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 10.0

    Santuario de la Tuiza, Lubián September 2022
  14. Ali@59

    Kitchens not in use

    I am grateful to all these albergues and volunteers etc but i was only telling what others felt, not everyone likes to eat out constantly while on the Camino. And I really don't think any albergue keeps silverware in the kitchen drawers!
  15. Ali@59

    Kitchens not in use

    Laza has cooking facilities and is a very beautiful albergue, I'm sorry I missed it
  16. Ali@59

    Kitchens not in use

    I didn't manage to Laza, I didn't have time to finish in Santiago, so i had to cut short in A Gudiña and take the train to Ourense because i think it was my only way of getting public transport to get flight home. I can message a peregrina who is probably in Laza today. I'll let you know
  17. Ali@59

    Kitchens not in use

    I know what you're saying and completely agree as i eat out myself mostly but I can't understand why they have large kitchens with new cooking hobs and tables and chairs but not really useful🤔
  18. Ali@59

    Kitchens not in use

    Just passed through A Gudiña and Ourense and both municipal albergues have beautiful new kitchens and also the whole albergues have been modified but only a fridge and microwave for cooking with and no utensils whatsoever , the biggest problem is there are no light switches in both these...
  19. Ali@59

    VdlP Food Recommendations - A Serious Question

    Just been through Montamarta, few places to eat but nothing in the morning, Granja de Moruela only one bar dominates the village and also run the albergue,food was average. Two small shops and bar open for mornings and these two stages carry plenty water, no fountains
  20. Ali@59


    That's good, i was worried about that, i hate top bunks especially if they're shoogly

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