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  1. gollygolly

    Program to sssist rubbish clearing while on the Camino

    There is a wonderful initiative to encourage those walking on the Camino to try and help 'clear-up' litter / rubbish that has been left along the way. To assist with collecting the rubbish, Correos, the Spanish postal service, are providing free bags at the following locations : Oficina de...
  2. gollygolly

    Walking in Germany

    Thought that this might be of interest for some forum readers :
  3. gollygolly

    Camino Ignaciano commencing from Barcelona - day 1

    Camino Ignaciano commencing from Barcelona The actual Camino Ignaciano commences in Loyola (also known as Loiola) in the Basque country of northern Spain, and which 665kms later reaches the destination of La Cova de St Ignasi in Manresa. This year, 2022, marks the 500 year anniversary of the...
  4. gollygolly

    Blisters - beetroot and general well-being

    For those who experience blisters or are interested in their general well-being, this report on a study on beetroot juice might interest
  5. gollygolly

    Discovery in the Cathedral in Santiago

    A wonderful story from The Guardian
  6. gollygolly

    Ruta de Padre Martín Sarmiento from Combarro to Santiago de Compostela

    Very interested if anyone who is familiar with this Camino could advise if this is a commonly or a rarely walked route, and if accommodation space at albergues is easy or difficult to find. Many thanks in advance for any guidance given.
  7. gollygolly

    A personal appeal to the Camino 'community'

    With a personal belief that there is power in collective thought and prayer, I reach out to each of you, fellow travellers along the journey of life where we have shared in the healing and gifts of the Camino, and to ask that you send positive energy and thoughts for Pia Isabella, the most...
  8. gollygolly

    Camino related stamps available in Spain

    Of possible interest to some will be a stamp featuring the Cathedral in Santiago as well as separately a series of stamps that relate to the Camino de Norte which feature certain churches along that camino. These are released by the Spanish post office.
  9. gollygolly

    Km 234. Exhibition at the Monastery Leça do Balio till 16 December

    Exhibition Monasterium KM 234 We were fortunate to have been in Porto, Portugal while an exhibition on the Camino is available to visit. The title of the exhibition, KM 234, refers to the distance that remains between to be walked between the Monastery and Santiago de Compostela. We had a...
  10. gollygolly

    Kumano Kodo in Japan / river approach or river trip

    Would very much appreciate if anyone can share their experience of taking a boat trip on the Kumano-gawa river. Is this a worthwhile trip and any recommendation for the type of trip - with kayaking / traditional boat / flat bottomed boat appearing to be among the possible forms of river...
  11. gollygolly

    Camino Ingles - return of the marker stones (moines)

    We have just completed our walk from Salisbury to Winchester and then to Canterbury, which was then followed by walking the Camino Ingles from La Coruña. I intend to write up about this when time allows, but thought that I would share the very welcome news that the marker stones (moines) are...
  12. gollygolly

    Walking the 'Pilgrims Way' as a prelude to Camino Ingles

    As a prelude to walking the Camino Ingles from La Coruna in July this year, I am intending to walk from Salisbury Cathedral to Winchester and then along the Pilgrims Way to Canterbury Cathedral. If any forum members have some useful advice about the Pilgrims Way that they are willing to share...
  13. gollygolly

    A personal account from the Camino de Invierno pt 1

    The personal challenges of putting together this report a little over 16 weeks after commencing the Camino ! Memory is deceptive, and my hand written notes are so akin to the random wondering of a slightly inebriated spider, that I scratch my head in wonder as I try and decipher what I wrote at...
  14. gollygolly

    A personal account of walking the San Salvador in snow during Easter 2016

    Walking the Camino de San Salvador had long been a personal desire, and to especially walk it during Easter week (Semana Santa). The following is a personal account of walking this Camino with my 10 year old daughter during Easter 2016, when the weather was quite uncertain following significant...
  15. gollygolly

    Where to start walking on the Camino Sanabrés

    Bon camino to all It seems that there are different 'starting points' for may who walk the Camino Sanabrés, though I would like to know where is regarded as the actual starting point. Also any help in planning will be appreciated, especially with any difficulty that should be expected on a...
  16. gollygolly

    Camino Primitivo - feasability and advice

    Hola a todos Any comments, suggestions and thoughts are welcomed, particularly current views on the albuerges and places to stay as well as any recommendations for where to eat well but economically! Having had such a good time walking on the Camino Ingles last July, the intention is that we...
  17. gollygolly

    Camino Ingles - planned trip with child / July 2013

    Any thoughts on which stages to do with the following provisions : 1] day 1: after over night stay there, we will start early from Ferrol 2] day 6 : will be ending the day and over night stay at Hotel Castro in Formarris, about 7kms from Santiago 3] day 7 : arrive Santiago de Compestela...

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