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  1. surya8

    Street-Art on Camino Portugues

    Here is smth that inspired me on my Caminos in Portugal - street-art on the way! I walked Camino Central between Lisbon and Porto and also Portugues Interior from Viseu. I did enjoy nature, the local food, the friendliness of the locals and the lovely towns on the way there. On both of the...
  2. surya8

    Espiritual in winter: walking to Pontecesures instead of boat. My fav day in pics

    If you are planning to walk the Espiritual out of season, in winter the boat is still available but that the official price quoted to us this Jan was 150 euros. It seems like other small private fishing boats are not allowed to transport pilgrims there. We had a chat with some of the owners and...
  3. surya8

    Flowers on a winter Camino! Good news for those who consider walking in winter :)

    I walked my first winter Camino this Jan: Portugues Coastal/Littroral from Porto + Espiritual. Had some doubts about the sanity of this trip before as I tend to get cold easily but still decided to go for it. Was a blast! Expected much worse weather and colder albergues but it turned out all...
  4. surya8

    One amazing day on Camino dos Faros/Costa da Morte!

    At the end of my first Camino I happened to walk a day on the Camino dos Faros - by accident, out of negligence and lack of info rather then planning and will :) I now realise that it was an amazing gift from the universe to me! The route walked: Finisterre/Fisterra to Lires in the direction of...
  5. surya8

    Camino Portugues INTERIOR from VISEU - my blog

    Hi fellow walkers! I've finally managed to write about our experience on Camino Portugues Interior from Viseu - CPI - in my blog. Google Chrome translates everything now - very handy - if you can't read Russian :) Anyway, there are some pics there that look multilingual :) Bom Caminho to...
  6. surya8

    New donativo albergue: Casa Catolico, Lisbon-Porto stretch

    Hello fellow pilgrims! There is a new albergue on the Lisbon-Porto stretch, located just 50km south of Porto. Opened now - mid May 2019. This is a donativo with the common meal for the pilgrims in the evening and breakfast in the morning. The hospitaliero there is a local pilgrim whom I met...
  7. surya8

    Field (and mountain) report from Portugues Interior - June 2018

    We walked CPI in June 2018, starting from Viseu in Portugal - all the way to the Spanish border and onwards to Camino Sanabres from Verin/Laza to Santiago. It took us 8 days to cover CPI, and 16 days in total (CPI + Sanabres) of going up and down the hills. Here is some info that might be...

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