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  1. Shades of Narnia

    Looking for hostel/hotel near to bus stop from Finisterre to Santiago

    Requirement that you have walked to Finnisterra, to stay 1 night.
  2. Shades of Narnia

    Looking for hostel/hotel near to bus stop from Finisterre to Santiago

    Albergue Cabo de Vila; 4 minute walk to the bus stop. I have stayed there 3 extended times, including this past October and really enjoy it there. It meets all my needs. fondly sandi
  3. Shades of Narnia

    El Camino Real? San Diego to Sonoma, California, USA

    I understand the 7/11's there have all you could ever need in the way of supplies, ongoing. I have walked 2 stages with a lovely group, headed up by Pam, called 'Pam's Party'. The popular Guide is written by Ron "Butch" Briery, called California Mission Walk. There is also a El Camino Real de...
  4. Shades of Narnia

    3 pilgrims need walking poles

    And, as well, we have found from our experience, as flight times get close, often the airlines offer free checking to reduce congestion in the cabin. We have taken advantage of that, for homeward travel, strapping our poles onto our packs to get them back home too.
  5. Shades of Narnia

    New forum logo!

    Now you've got me curious; MMMM?
  6. Shades of Narnia

    Option between Otur and Bao

    Noted, thank you.
  7. Shades of Narnia

    What shall I remove from my pack.... 🤔

    Often, not.
  8. Shades of Narnia

    What shall I remove from my pack.... 🤔

    One of my t-shirts becomes a pillowcase at night. I alternate my 2 hiking pants between walking and sleeping pj's. Soap-embedded laundry papers, 1/2 bar combined soap, shampoo and conditioner. Opinal knife and bowl for picnic lunches. Freezer bags and insulated 'Big Sky' bag for leftovers...
  9. Shades of Narnia

    Anything I should ditch or add?

    Excellent weight even if you bring it all :)
  10. Shades of Narnia

    LIVE from the Camino Current conditions: Big wave on the Francés

    Hola Becky, are you providing a communal meal at this time? I was Hospitalera, Viana, 4-5 years ago, simpler pre-Covid time. In October hiking friend and I will volunteer at Burgo del Ranchero, hoping we may be able to atleast offer breakfast to outgoing pilgrims. Fondly sandi
  11. Shades of Narnia

    A Daily Devotional

    Thank you, just downloaded on Kindle & will carry with me this September on the Norte + Hospitalera. Fondly sandi
  12. Shades of Narnia

    Norte in September

    Good to hear...counting on that :)
  13. Shades of Narnia

    Legends of Asturias from National Geographic.

    Wonderful. Thank you!
  14. Shades of Narnia

    28L pack on the Camino Frances this October

    I am also in agreement with what has already been said, good advice, plus I have only ever carried a 28l Gregory pack, really enough! Buen Camino and I may see you there. Fondly sandi, Hospitalera at El Burgo Ranero October 15-31/22.
  15. Shades of Narnia

    Le Puy vs. Norte.

    Sincere thanks Laurie ; our feet will thank you, in September! fondly sandi, Hospitalera; Viana, Grado & in October, El Burgo Raneros.
  16. Shades of Narnia

    Emergency dentist needed in Logroño 24-25 May 2022

    If all else fails, I got in (on short notice) to a good dentist very near the Donativo Albergue in Viana. Viana is roughly 10 km before Legrono
  17. Shades of Narnia

    Not just walking but enjoying the journey - Culture and history

    Thinking of bumpy shocking, freezing unpleasant boat rides reminds me of one famous one, outlined in a world renowned Book; the spiritual part being Who the passengers called upon for rescue.
  18. Shades of Narnia

    Anyone like to borrow my trailer for Camino?

    A true pilgrim; generous. Your 'stuff' does not own you. Bless you David especially as you bless someone else. A continued 'buen camino' to you Fondly sandi- Canada.
  19. Shades of Narnia

    long distances on Camino del Norte

    And I understand that if we connect with Gronze through Google Chrome there is a translate option....correct?

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