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  1. Jeff Robinson

    Lines for the Compostela and Certificate for Distance

    Personally, I would avoid the stress and skip ahead somewhere or at multiple places in order to arrive in Santiago a day earlier. Santiago is the destination for goodness's sake. Why scurry through there and miss so much of what many people travel so far to see and savor?
  2. Jeff Robinson

    For introvert crowd-averse pilgrims

    I typically do not read long winded posts. But yours … All I can say is thank you and God bless you for the encouragement to others.
  3. Jeff Robinson

    Walking the Camino Frances on stilts

    Come on now. Nothing has really changed. It’s the same circus just a few different clowns.
  4. Jeff Robinson

    At last....long haulers rejoice!

    I have two little birds. They are so cute! One sits on my left shoulder and the other sits on my right shoulder. If you were to see them, I guarantee you would love them. I've named them "Thirty years in the aviation industry" and "Free market economy." They happened to be perched on my...
  5. Jeff Robinson

    Lost & Found Found - 2 credentials from Porto, 13km from Santiago

    They did the right thing. They maintain a box for lost credentials. Anyone who has lost theirs can check with the pilgrim office.
  6. Jeff Robinson

    Coping with change after Sarria - wisdom needed please

    Wow! Lots of replies. Here's my 2 cents. "Get used to different." If you're not familiar with this phrase or it's source, check out the online series "The Chosen." It is free and you can watch it via an app on your device. Will you like it? I don't know but I can tell you it has had over...
  7. Jeff Robinson

    What do you do in between caminos?

    What is the logic for practicing with half your Camino weight?
  8. Jeff Robinson

    Do you "push off" when you walk?

    I agree! I believe it’s more than the deltoids and triceps that get a work out when using trekking poles properly. I believe the alternating push from your arms induces a twisting moment about your torso and as a result also gives you a work out to the pectorals, abdomen (tummy), and lateral’s...
  9. Jeff Robinson

    Record time for US passport renewal!

    Yours was good news for me. I have an application deadline of 18 Feb for an opportunity to host an Airbnb in Sicily. Did you by chance sign up for their auto email status update notification service? Since you were surprised by its arrival, maybe not. If you did, were you notified it was on the...
  10. Jeff Robinson

    St Jean to Roncesvalles - one day or two?

    I see camaraderie is on your list. Hold that thought! I read through all of the responses and I think only one of them mentioned meeting pilgrims at the evening meal in Orisson. I could hardly believe it. For me personally the Camino is about meeting the pilgrims from all over the world...
  11. Jeff Robinson

    My shoes don't fit right anymore

    I agree with everything previously mentioned. I'm surprised only one person mentioned socks. I would like to expand on that. I (just now) walked up to the entry closet and I have 9 pairs of various hiking shoes and boots. They are all 8.5 wide or double-wide. The oldest is a 36-year old Eddie...
  12. Jeff Robinson

    Running a donativo albergue - seeking advice on rules & laws

    Check with Nate and Faith at the Pilgrim House in Santiago. They have been running a not-for-profit facility for about 7 or eight years.
  13. Jeff Robinson

    The Botafumeiro technical details

    I can't tell you the weight or volume but I can tell you this. As a volunteer at the pilgrim office, I was invited to attend a pilgrim mass and receive a certificate from the church. The group of volunteers is typically seated inside the banister. There is probably a better name for that area...
  14. Jeff Robinson

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Spain Is Now the Safest EU Destination (Oct 31, 2021)

    Hmmm…. I spent only 10 days walking on the France’ but I did spend five weeks in Santiago. And now that you mention it (masks), in retrospect, I’m impressed with the number of people walking around town without the mask and they still received the highest award. Wow!
  15. Jeff Robinson

    Compostela Update

    I’m pretty sure someone else will back me up on this but, sorry. The Compostela is awarded for pilgrimages to Santiago. Not to anywhere on the coast. You may be able to get a souvenir certificate on the coast line, but it won’t be a Compostela.
  16. Jeff Robinson

    Hiking from LePuy in April. Advice needed!

    I started that route in August 2018 and due to injuries or other complications I finished in Santiago in September 2021. Here’s my input short and sweet. I walked with a French speaking friend. Knowing some French is a real plus. I anticipated extra costs for lodging. I would not recommend...
  17. Jeff Robinson

    Called to the Camino

    Hello JerryTexas52, I live in Minnesota and I’m currently 67. I was compelled to go in 2014, called by God to return in 2015, and God confirmed his calling in 2015 and 2016. The Camino has become my personal ministry. I have returned to Europe 1 to 3 times every year since 2014. I have traversed...
  18. Jeff Robinson

    To the Breast Cancer Survivors...

    Thank you for sharing your personal journey with cancer. I was moved as I read it. My Mom is a breast cancer survivor. She turned 94 this year. You will be an inspiration to those you meet on your Camino. May God bless you as you prepare for and embrace your Camino.
  19. Jeff Robinson

    Voice sound recording your trip

    At first, I thought this was rather odd. But, after reading your explanation I thought, "This could be quite nice if combined with a presentation of photos rather than the typical video clips." Sounds by themselves might be your goal. Using your memories and imagination to provide the images...
  20. Jeff Robinson

    SIM card advice

    Since writing my original post on Sim cards in Spain advocating the benefits of my Verizon foreign travel plan, I’ve been back to Spain twice and purchased an orange card the first time and added more data the second time. For only $20 I had access to my phone for 30 days and 40 gig of data, if...

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