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  1. BrianForbesColgate

    Muxia - Finisterre - Santiago?

    Of course, if you walk it in reverse, there would be no nice certificate to show you'd done so. 😁
  2. BrianForbesColgate

    SJPP to Roncesvalles - your personal experience

    My sister in Australia sent me this story tonight. Claude Tranchant's pilgrimage from France to Spain Claude Tranchant is gleefully honest. "I had no concept, none at all, what walking was about." The French-born Brisbane grandmother is talking about her 2,200 km pilgrimage on foot from...
  3. BrianForbesColgate

    Digital Copy of Millán Bravo Lozano's "The Pilgrims' Road to Santiago"?

    Entitled "pilgrims?" Trashing the countryside as they went?
  4. BrianForbesColgate

    Interesting Hi-Vis clothing seen...

    Reflectability is more important at night, Hi-Viz perhaps in the day ... depending on how many other distractions are about. For night, here's a brief amateur video about a 3M reflective jacket ... and a 3M promotional video
  5. BrianForbesColgate

    Food Poisoning in Carrion de los Condes.

    No such thing as 24-hour flu ... it is gastroenteritis. Unlike influenza virus which attacks the respiratory system, gastroenteritis can be caused by any number of disease-causing pathogens, including bacteria, non-influenza viruses, parasites, and even fungi. 24-Hour Stomach Flu Causes...
  6. BrianForbesColgate

    Ultralight rain kilt for ultracheap tip

    I haven't tried either of the others, Dave. Having used a back zip pack in the Army, I wanted the same in my Camino pack. I don't need to rustle down from the top opening to find something that I put in the bottom. With different items separated in their own lightweight bags, it's like...
  7. BrianForbesColgate

    Ultralight rain kilt for ultracheap tip

    Re: Cuben fibre rain kilt ... here is a link and an alternative: [Cuben or Silnylon options]
  8. BrianForbesColgate

    Ultralight rain kilt for ultracheap tip

    I love my ULA kit ... I'm glad I got my Camino [1st edition] pack when they were still making them.
  9. BrianForbesColgate

    Ultralight rain kilt for ultracheap tip

    Dear old Google just posted an Advertisement for a $99 Kilt and Sporran right below your post. Yes, they watch everything!
  10. BrianForbesColgate

    That silly 10% rule

    I will ask my niece who just walked PCT, South to North, last Spring.
  11. BrianForbesColgate

    Best length for walking poles

    Here are a couple of other resources, F.Y.I. Black Diamond Z-Poles: Using trekking poles:
  12. BrianForbesColgate

    Best Shoes?

    My Camino has been delayed for several years - first caring for my elderly Mum, overlapping and now full-time caring for my youngest sister, who has ALS. In the meanwhile, I keep on doing long hikes with my overloaded Camino backpack and these boots that came recommended here in the forum...
  13. BrianForbesColgate

    Sock protectors -- Only in Australia ???

    MEC: Mountain Equipment Co-op
  14. BrianForbesColgate

    Backpack recommendations

    Not for everyone, but I've spent enough time in the Army to know that the thing that I need right now is likely at the bottom of my pack! An earlier version of this pack was my choice. The link is to the ULA Camino 2, a panel loader, vice top loader...
  15. BrianForbesColgate

    Real Pilgrims

    Just a thought ... What makes one a "Real Pilgrim" for walking from StJPdP to Santiago? Why StJPdP? Shouldn't one have to walk all the way to Fisterra then Muxía to collect a shell from the ocean and all 4 pieces of paper? ;)
  16. BrianForbesColgate

    Real Pilgrims

    Interesting that similar tones of discussions take place among some soldiers who have served "outside the wire" in Afghanistan and seen their brothers and sisters killed in action or blown to bits by IEDs, while another soldier who "only" serves in rear echelon and may have had to run for cover...
  17. BrianForbesColgate

    Pack weight

    It can snow in April - several times along the way - so those rain pants might come in handy to retain body heat, depending on what else you are taking to keep you warm.
  18. BrianForbesColgate

    Yes - you need another cable for your electronics! USB OTG cable

    I have used the SD Card to Lightning adapter with my iPad and it works fine.
  19. BrianForbesColgate

    Water bottles or water bladders??

    Aarn now has universal balance bags that can be added to any other pack. It can also be used as an add-on with a back baby carrier.!balance-bags/c1paj See also, these pivoting balance pockets, which might be more convenient for taking your back pack on and off...

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