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  1. Kev&Kath


    While I appreciate it is always prudent to carry some rations (and I'm talking food in this sense) at all time while walking in Spain, I'd be interested to hear from those pilgrims that have walked on their identification of those specific towns where you ABSOLUTELY must visit the supermercado...
  2. Kev&Kath

    In Hindsight

    VdlP planning for '23 continues at pace, and today I was re-examining our expected 'rest days' in the quite obvious places such as Zafra, Merida, Caceres, Salamanca, Banos de Montemayor and Ourense. While reviewing, my mind casts back to the Frances and the 'in hindsight' position that there...
  3. Kev&Kath

    Spring Sleep Systems

    Hi, Looking for advice from those that have walked the VdlP during the Spring months. My wife and I will be walking next year from early April through June. At this time I'm just starting to look at what might be required for comfortable sleeping. I was just going to take our down bags...
  4. Kev&Kath

    VdlP from Cadiz

    I've read just about all previous commentary with regard to starting the VdlP from Cadiz. Unfortunately, most comments are now starting to show 'their' age, and I was wondering if anyone in the Forum had completed the Cadiz to Santiago route in more recent times. Obviously, interested in the...
  5. Kev&Kath

    Organising Information

    My wife and I will be walking the VdlP in the Spring of next year. I'm currently reading/researching and find myself with a wealth of information (walking recommendations and important points noted from various forums/blogs) that will likely be very useful next year. My challenge now is...
  6. Kev&Kath

    SJPdP to Santiago Oct - Dec 21

    Thanks to all the folk who have kindly offered so much wisdom...certainly helping my wife and I to prepare for our first pilgrimage to Santiago. We head out of SJPdP next Wednesday, 27 Oct and, being so late in the season (and with an eye on next week's weather) will head to Roncesvalles via...
  7. Kev&Kath

    Sending Package to St Jean Prior to Walking

    I was wondering if anyone had used a 'mail service' of any kind to pre-position an item(s) in advance of their walk out of St Jean. Unfortunately, my accommodation venue won't support this request, and I suspect 'Poste Restante' would be tricky in coordinating timings. In my case the item is...
  8. Kev&Kath

    VdlP Easter Week '22

    My wife and I plan to walk the VdlP, starting in Seville, during the latter part of Semana Santa '22 (19 Apr 22). Appreciating the crowds that will likely be in Seville during the Easter period I'd appreciate hearing from anyone that actually started their pilgrimage at this time of year...

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