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    Packing Strategy when using Luggage Transportation Service

    Used to use a Osprey Talon 22 for these days. With water, wet gear, first aid, etc etc it's amazing how quickly it will fill up but as mentioned above a good day pack should have back support with good hip and shoulder straps.
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    Camino 2022

    Cheers guys. Always have my trusty poncho with me, looks like I might finally get to take it out and use it.
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    Camino 2022

    Hi All, Two years later I am finally off to Sarria to do my final 230km to Muxia end of March 2022. Usually walk in early September, when weather is normally pleasant except for the very odd shower. Just wondering am I right to expect more showers and mid-teens (Celsius) as regards weather in...
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    Sarria to Muxia April 2020

    Thanks everyone. So basically same as Dublin in April.
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    Sarria to Muxia April 2020

    Finally here it is my last year doing the Camino (or this camino). Unlike previous years where I walked in balmy August/September I am walking in April starting in Sarria April 12th. If anyone has walked this stretch in April would appreciate any advice regarding weather as I assume my usual...
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    Burgos To Leon 2018 - Footwear

    The footwear conundrum, what else do us Caminoans talk about. Have a pair of Scarpa Peak GTX boots, which I wore last year but suffered heal blisters pretty badly but I did only have them for a few months prior to heading out. So was considering for the first time ever switching to hiking...
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    Transport from Bilbao to Pamplona

    Checked with the hotel, bus operators and tourist office. Some form of special celebration in Bilbao that day so no public transport out of the city. Looks like I will get to see the Guggenheim museum after all. Caminoways are quoting 20 times (seriously) the cost of a bus ticket so won't be...
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    Transport from Bilbao to Pamplona

    Walking Pamplona to Burgos end of August. Need to get a Bus from Bilbao to Pamplona on Sunday the 27th August, however no matter what site I visit I cannot book one online. No problem day before or after. 27th does not seem to be a public holiday or anything and you can book a bus Sunday before...

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