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  1. Delphinoula

    Credencial in Vila do Conde

    yes yes yes I had no guide used gronze was all I needed.
  2. Delphinoula

    Open to criticism on my pack

    last time was more a on moment decission it was my fourth. So far the best I had time to realy see the way and its people just to enjoy life. The other times I had a plan a guide a plan b a plan c and a check list not to forget my stuff all laminated in as the route the map. It worked, but...
  3. Delphinoula

    Open to criticism on my pack

    I am a fan of a pareo towel dress cover head dress against sun. With my cloth line It was a privacy curtain. You can do it like we all do ditch what you do not need while you walking.I liked the little trick with filling drinking straws with the ointments I needed. they were little light and...
  4. Delphinoula

    Credencial in Vila do Conde

    you could contact via email and ask? And while you ad it ask of they are open in October.
  5. Delphinoula

    Travel Company versus doing the Camino Frances alone

    The first Camino walking off season I learnt to call ahead to see if they are open. I planned everything ahead and well I arrived. Last time this month I just walked out of the blue with gronze as a guide. I used the correos to transport my backpack, great inexpensive service,I choose the...
  6. Delphinoula

    Senda Litoral or Coastal from Viana do Castelo to Viana Praia de Ancora?

    I just walked from Ancora to Moledo to Caminha to Seixas (new hostel) to Villa Nova de Cerveira to Valenca and so on. End of Ancora Lidle store, for supplies Molecdo take a coffee and watch the surf Caminha across from the clock tower great creps across from there a small store with some turi...
  7. Delphinoula

    Death of a German pilgrim on the Camino Frances

    Herzliches Beileid. My heart goes out to the family. It is hart to loose a loved one when you so not expect it. I have been there. Hart for you and your dog. I had very reasently a close call. For myself we go when we are called. I hope I can pass while I do something I love like walking the...
  8. Delphinoula

    Route suggestions once you've done all the obvious caminos?

    The European Costal route is lovely. Walked from Algeciras to Cadiz to Sevilla. But there is a continuing route along the coast as well.
  9. Delphinoula

    Senda Litoral or Coastal from Viana do Castelo to Viana Praia de Ancora?

    in 2018 the boardwalks were easy enough. And I loved the sea as an companion. If you face sand maybe jigamarig some gators so the sand does not end up in your boots. It’s a lovley walk. But inland you will face more up and downs? You knees may be telling you this. I found the first couple...
  10. Delphinoula

    How to find a meal on a busy Sunday in Viana - are we doing it wrong?

    I had always some nuts dried friuts a bit of salami. Remember some strech that was way too far for me drenched cold and I literally could not walk another step. I asked another pilgrim to bring me some bread if he finds any I was giving him money but he said if I had a knife he would share some...
  11. Delphinoula

    Ibuprofen in Spain

    wick vaporup, my selfmade cream with peppermint oil, or Counterpain Analgesic Hot Cream 120g or and a miniature tense module which of course you need a bit of a training if you are suffering from chronic pain I know I am having fun with this but there is one cost free weight free no...
  12. Delphinoula

    Ibuprofen in Spain

    Just a thought talk to your physician about your correct dosage your weight may play a role in this as well. Asthmatic may want to be really careful here. Pain is an alert listen to it and see what you need to change. If you not mindful on the Camino where else would you start. Like...
  13. Delphinoula

    Which route for my first camino (solo female)?

    one question how long do you have? How fit are you? knee problems? I walked all solo. only in day light not once I felt not safe. I walked my first from Porto to Santiago along the coast. Almost no way to get lost. Well I managed that. Crowds are not my thing but as long you are on the Camino...
  14. Delphinoula

    Via de la Plata - March 16, 2022

    Great please keep us posted with your impressions and please practical hints. There is no better guide than a fellow pilgrim. I am curious how the Camino has changed. But since it is always the same company one takes with herself I am willing to surprise myself when I continue walking end of...
  15. Delphinoula

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    To Flanders, Portugal and Spain......... And go over the hills and far away. Maybe not that far yet. to church closed but Hermès was on call to protect tired travelers walked on and found a church open to lit that candle and a prayers for youall and me and back Reminds me of the...
  16. Delphinoula

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    I wish this morning I had a better camera, but those are here very rare and very very shy Mufflons ( kind of wild sheep) In five years this is the second time I saw them.
  17. Delphinoula

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    Wow Kirkis are you sure you did not mix some Spain photos here?
  18. Delphinoula

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    We had them crossing all the time especially in the swamp areas thank you for bringing back this memory.
  19. Delphinoula

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    As I walk I find more and more historical points. Here at the so called Prussian Watch. The Prussian Army with General Blücher stood guard for the retreating French Army. A couple of days later he fought with Wellesley against Napoleon at Waterloo, which earned him a little plague next to the...
  20. Delphinoula

    Portugal set to begin reopening!

    Some are more private about their believes then others. Now the question is how to react with a question, that crosses a threshold for you. I tend to react when a asker hits a maybe vulnerable point. So the component that irks me lays more within me than with the other. So ask yourself...

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