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  1. Sirron

    Getting in shape for the Camino

    After my then 12 yr old daughter's near death cardiac arrest in May 2021, I stopped worrying about myself entirely. My stress was through the roof that summer and along with that I stopped watching my diet and exercising. She is a fighter and with medicine and some lifestyle changes, she can...
  2. Sirron

    Your Ideal First Aid Kit for the Camino

    For all of you veterans of the way, I want to bring along my own first aid kit. I understand I can replenish along the way but I want to have one with me for the start. What do you recommend being in it?
  3. Sirron

    My only regret walking

    I don't mind that I'm going alone on the Camino Frances alone. I'm extroverted so I know I won't have a problem meeting people once I have begun. I just regret I have no one around me to share me daily excitement or planning for the journey haha. My wife is very supportive of me going but it's...
  4. Sirron

    Practiced with some gear at Walt Disney World...

    My 14 yr old daughter had her Make a Wish trip last week at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. She has adjusted well to her new medication and lifestyle after her cardiac arrest 18 months ago. (She has a rare genetic heart condition called Catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular...
  5. Sirron

    Arriving Biarritz on a Sunday

    My departure date is non on a Saturday which means I will land early morning Sunday in Paris. Anyone more familiar than me, will there be fewer transportation options after I get to Biarritz? I thought I had read somewhere that might be an issue but I wanted to be sure. Thank you!
  6. Sirron

    People with Altra Lone Peak shoes

    So I've been wearing these around for the past few weeks just to see how I feel walking with them before my Camino in May. I love the extra room in the toe box. That's great. What is taking me longer to get use to is that the shoes are flat meaning no real difference in height from the heel to...
  7. Sirron

    Planning 40 Days on the Camino Frances

    I apologize for my questions. I just like reading different people's POV. So not including the travel day to get to SJPDP I rally need to complete my Camino! I wish I could go for 45 but I can't. Good news is my oldest daughter is getting married a couple weeks after I get back and I'm sure I'll...
  8. Sirron

    Your Opinion on how I will start

    Good morning from "near" Atlanta, Georgia! My May 2023 Camino is on my mind this morning. Yes, I know I have time but I like to think about it haha. I guess to better offer advice, I'll be 49 when I walk my first Camino. I probably need to lose 30 pounds haha but I'm okay walking. :) I'm...
  9. Sirron

    How many miles to put on your shoes before the Camino

    I have a pair of shoes I like but my trip isn't for another 8-9 months. Should I buy another at some point and break them in. But how many miles (or KM lol) on a pair of shoes are too much before starting the Camino? Trying to find the sweet spot of knowing my shoes and not having them fall...
  10. Sirron

    Leaving May 2023!

    I will be flying from Atlanta, Georgia to Paris, France on Sunday May 28th leaving in the late afternoon and arriving in Paris early morning on the 29th! I'll most likely stay in Bayonne the 29th and hopefully get some sleep and then head to SJPDP early the next day and spend the day getting...
  11. Sirron

    Summer and 2 Pairs of Socks

    Man my feet can sweat in the summer. I apologize if that is TMI. You don't even know my real name yet. Well it's Matt. Nice to meet you. So back to my sweaty feet. I completely understand the notion of wearing two socks to minimize the chances of blisters but I'm worried about overly hot and...
  12. Sirron

    Water Discussion (I thought you might like a laugh)

    I was working in my office last night. (Okay work is a stretch. I was on the internet) My wife walks in and she asks me a question and then she sees on my note pad I have scribbled "Water Bottle or Hydration Bladder" Besides those words, not much else was on the note pad besides poorly drawn...
  13. Sirron

    To Poncho or Not Poncho...

    My Camino Frances will primarily take place in June and the first week or so in July. I have read that this is the dry season in Spain so maybe not too much rain. But I want to be prepared. I have seen the Altus Ponchos but I tend to get hot easy and those don't look too breathable. So what...
  14. Sirron

    Flying in to Paris

    Hello! My plans are to fly into Paris landing roughly around 7:35am Paris time. I want to take the train to Bayonne and then take a train to SJPDP. From what I gather, after I land at CDG, I need to get to the Paris-Montparnasse station for my train trip to Bayonne. What is the best/least...
  15. Sirron

    My re-introduction

    Good morning from central Georgia! I'm a married father of 4. One daughter is a college graduate, another daughter is a Freshman at Georgetown University, I have a 13 yr old daughter, and an 11 year old son. I named this my re-introduction because I did originally join this group back in 2020...
  16. Sirron

    Hello all. My Camino planning is a bit early haha

    Due to Covid and my 2nd oldest daughter graduating high school in May 2021, my first Camino (Camino Frances) will begin May 28th 2022. No worries, It gives me some time to plan, get in better shape and read this forum :) I plan on starting in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port and then heading toward...

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