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  1. Olivia Luna

    Quick phone acces when wearing tights ...

    Maybe a hiking skirt? I used one over leggings.
  2. Olivia Luna

    Leggings/tights experience, pros & cons

    The hat you refer to for women is called a “mantilla.” Grew up Catholic in a Latin American country and some men were allowed to wear ceremonial hats (always of religious origin). If a woman showed up wearing a hat instead of a mantilla, she was turned away. I have beautiful mantillas from way...
  3. Olivia Luna

    Leggings/tights experience, pros & cons

    We found that men were always asked to take their hats off in every Catholic church we visited in Spain and Italy (as well as in other mostly Catholic countries). Other than that, we never found we were unwelcome unless there was a mass going on and even then we were allowed in, but to...
  4. Olivia Luna

    Shoes for camino after broken ankle

    I broke my ankle resulting in surgery to place nine pins and a plate on the surrounding bones. I walked the Camino years later and found there was a slight weakness to the ankle/leg resulting in not lifting the foot high enough over cobblestones. It was not something I had noticed until the...
  5. Olivia Luna

    Trekking poles on trains

    Same here. TBH, never gave it a second thought for trains until I read the question. We did put ours in a FedEx box and checked them in for the flight from US to Spain. Return trip found them shrink wrapped along with the back packs - they looked like Turkeys ready to go into a pan! We were...
  6. Olivia Luna

    advice on trekking poles please

    I favor Pacers and the hubs favors Leki. Both of ours have a cork-like handle which I think is terrific for grip and comfort. I honestly do not remember if they are alloy or carbon and I would recommend going for grip and comfort since both materials have pros and cons. As an aside… I always...
  7. Olivia Luna

    Hiking poles (please bear with me) need honest advice.

    I took my walking poles from US by placing them in a FedEx carton and checking them in as my free bag (I had that option, if not you would have to pay a fee depending on your airline). Returning, I had my backpack, with the attached poles, shrink wrapped at Barajas and checked it all in. I was...
  8. Olivia Luna

    My equipment that people coveted

    Are you kidding??? I have to go confess I am so jealous of your pack LOL ¡Buen camino!
  9. Olivia Luna

    Macabi skirt - I'm taking the plunge

    I wore my Macabi skirt every day I walked toward Santiago! The skirt kept me warm during the cold mornings (I wore leggings that doubled up as sleep wear on colder days), cool during the blistering heat, and dry when it poured rain because it dries before your eyes! I threaded a scarf through...
  10. Olivia Luna

    Disappointed with my hiking shoes

    I have to totally agree. I had no problems with my boots, no blisters, no shin splints, no swelling (I know freakish right?) except that I kept wishing I had running shoes instead of boots (ungrateful too LOL).
  11. Olivia Luna

    21 days equipment checkout

    Two suggestions: 1- eyeglasses repair kit (small and handy for your sunglasses) 2 - consider using the smart phone flashlight app instead of a head lamp. ¡Buen camino!
  12. Olivia Luna

    Struggling with Boots

    I went ahead and purchased a pair of boots right off the bat :-), a pair of Keen Targhee II. Had I waited to know more, I might have just used a pair of Merrell cross trainers as I now realize the camino is more gentle and boots would not be so essential. That having been said, I do love my...
  13. Olivia Luna

    What DO men put in their backpacks?

    Ok, wiping tears off my face after laughing so hard, great answer and if you are walking during the next three weeks, we will definitely recognize a knight any day :-P
  14. Olivia Luna

    Keen Sandals???

    Taking my Keen Whispers for backup and evening (also plan to travel in them), Keen Targhee II boots, and a super-light, throw away pair of flip flops for showers. Pack is still well under 10 pounds. I have cut weight off by being merciless about the weight of clothes because I really love my...
  15. Olivia Luna

    Poll: Which backpacks are most popular on the Caminos?

    We are Gregory fans and owners. Osprey was not a good fit for us at all though it was what we had set out thinking we would get.
  16. Olivia Luna

    Photos of Macabi Skirts in the Field

    Well, at the end of the day, if I have t toss something out of my backpack before we leave, I am fairly certain it will be that pair of pants and it will just be the Macabi for three weeks plus some Capezio running tights :-)
  17. Olivia Luna

    Photos of Macabi Skirts in the Field

    I threaded a colorful scarf through the belt loops and even those who said it looked dreadful before, changed their mind. Amazing what a little color will do!! At any rate, three miles yesterday in hot and muggy and still loving this skirt. It's going!
  18. Olivia Luna

    Photos of Macabi Skirts in the Field

    Summer, of course... Why not summer for you? I started hiking in it and I am becoming quite fond if it, even in Florida temperatures :-) if things continue to work out with it, I plan to replace one of my pants with it. My God, it dries at lightning speed!!! I test-washed it to check it out and...
  19. Olivia Luna

    Photos of Macabi Skirts in the Field

    Mine arrived yesterday... Long, charcoal. I think I like it, but my brain is kicking back, it seems to think skirts are not for hiking and if I have to wear leggings then I am back to carrying more than I want... Dang it!!!!
  20. Olivia Luna

    A Sleeping Bag Testimony

    We have the same one, I think, and we too are pleased. I think it will be plenty for early June. The best part is how small it packs in addition to how light it is! I read about it in one of the threads here and ordered it online from REI.

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