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  1. Olivares

    From Pamplona to...

    Your best bet is to take the Renfe Train at 1pm for about $30 (no changes). This Line will take you to Ponferrada in about 5 hours. That said, is there a chance you can come back to Spain and continue your Camino? The route after Pamplona is breathtaking.
  2. Olivares

    Flights Booked (Very Early)

    George-- by no means diminished your Camino-- you could had chosen a cushy beach vacation and instead you are walking the Camino de Santiago; Bravo my friend!! Buen Camino!! Have fun planning!
  3. Olivares

    T4 To atocha

    It is a Saturday, early morning on the Christmas weekend, so still, "Playing it safe" would be more likely to take the train from T4 to Atocha. I have done both and train is faster and much, much cheaper. The taxi option only makes sense if you were carrying loads of luggage (unlikely, right?)...
  4. Olivares

    Travel from California to Sjdp

    Matt-- you are flying from your origin trans-atlantic directly into Paris. Makes a huge difference with the most common situation which is to connect within the Continental US first from their origin city. Also, the frequency, cost, and number of options for bus/train straight from the Spain...
  5. Olivares

    Travel from California to Sjdp

    I've been to the Camino every year since 2011 and always traveled into Spain (Madrid or Barcelona). I have made comparisons every time and flying into Spain has always been the most convenient itineraries, cheapest, easiest logistics. From the airport at Barajas (Terminal 4) you can hop on a bus...
  6. Olivares

    Booking Train Tickets from Paris CDG to Bayonne Online

    Using the (proven) reliable website rome2rio, it costs $164.00 to travel Paris Airport-SJPDP and it takes a little over 7 hours. It costs $74 Madrid-SJPDP (8 hours) It costs $78 Barcelona-SJPDP (7 hours). I have never understand people from the USA flying into Paris to get to SJPDP... I...
  7. Olivares

    transport from Terradillos De las Templarios to Bilbao.

    It is only 12 more kms to Sahagun on a very easy trail!! You will miss the beautiful Ermita de Santa Maria del Camino with the lovely medieval bridge and the outstanding Half-Way Monument marking the half-way Camino Frances in Spain and about 1 kms from Sahagun. You even go by the bus and train...
  8. Olivares

    Burgos to Sarria by bus

    Alsa Bus from Burgos to Lugo (about 34 Euros) and use Monbus Bus to get to Sarria (a bus leaves for Sarria every couple of hours) for about 4 Euros.
  9. Olivares

    Accomodation in central Madrid

    Madrid can be a tricky place for hotels and prices is not really the issue as much as location. I have stayed at Hotel Atlantico on Gran Via. You would think is noisy, but it is not. Location is excellent, you can walk to most sights. I also stayed at Hotel Europa and liked it, but the last time...
  10. Olivares

    Alternatives for travel

    This is my honest opinion: if I had 5-6 days and had never been on the Camino, I would NEVER considered walking Sarria- Santiago unless I HAD TO have a Compostela. Otherwise, the stretch Sarria-Santiago is the least appealing in terms of scenery, food, people, "sense of pilgrimage"...
  11. Olivares

    Travel within Spain

    There are already quite a bit of posts discussing this topic, although something new may arise from a new discussion! I took the train from the Barcelona Airport (BCN) to Barcelona Sants Bus & Train Station. There you have the option of either bus or train to Pamplona. The bus worked better for...
  12. Olivares

    Attention: trains on strike in France

    Remind me again why people fly into Paris to get to SJPDP.....o_O. Getting to SJPDP from Barcelona could not have been easier; I landed at BCN early morning, bus to Pamplona, van ride to SJPDP, had plenty time to get the credential stamped, do grocery shoping, explored the town, and rested-- all...
  13. Olivares

    Taxi past Alto del Perdon?

    To be honest, there are quite a bit of steep descent sections on the Camino (i.e. on to Zubiri) so trying to learn how to maneuver them may be w orthy effort. Many recommend going sideways using a walking stick for better blalance. That said, I keep reading reports of injured pilgrims on wet...
  14. Olivares

    Barcelona to St. Jean best way to get there

    I did this route on May 2011 and prefer to take the bus because it drops you off at the Pamplona Bus Station where you can await the next bus to either Roncesvalles and/or SJPDP (seasonal itinerary). Buses in Spain are clean, comfortable, reliable, and cheap. A no brainer.
  15. Olivares

    staying at hostel PRIOR to beginning the Camino

    In 1997 I stayed ay the Hotel Mora for $30/night. Back then, they did not even had a website! Today, I am sure the price is up but they are still across from the Estacion Atocha. Buen Camino!
  16. Olivares

    Getting from Bayonne Train Station to Hotel

    Godslamb-- use Google street view to show you how to get from station to hotel.
  17. Olivares

    Get Tarjeta Dorada in USA

    All that is well and good if you are pretty certain that you WILL be taking THAT train at THAT time 10 weeks in advanced. When you are crossing the Atlantic, it is risky to buy a train ticket for immediately after 10 weeks in advance to get a discount, however attractive that discount may be...
  18. Olivares

    luggage transfers from St Jean

    Contact Caroline at Express Bourricot; http// That day is one of the toughest ones on the Camino and MANY people send the bags ahead. Caroline may provide you with a smaller day pack that you drop off at the same place she drops your bags in Roncesvalles. I...
  19. Olivares

    Get Tarjeta Dorada in USA

    The Card provides special discounts for certain services for people older than 60 years old. For example; deep discounts (40%) on train fares if traveling Monday-Thursday and 25% weekends. You can also buy it at many train stations and travel agencies in Spain for 6 Euros. It also applies to...
  20. Olivares

    Barcelona to SJPP? Best way....a bit confused

    Where would be arriving to? Consider bus systems as well; reliable, cheap, clean, comfortable, and often the best way to get to/from small towns along the Camino.

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