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  1. Olivares

    Article in El Pais about the popularity of the Frances

    When I did my first Camino (Leon-Santiago) in 1997 it really was "Tierra de Nadie"-- no one's land. The only book I could find with some notion of the Camino was a Harvard's guide on Spain published by a students' association. It had about 3 pages with descriptions. The article has a sense of...
  2. Olivares

    Burgos - Leon

    I found the people along the Meseta were the most kind, generous, friendly, and the most genuinely protective of the Camino and the Pilgrims. Having walked the Meseta twice there is no way I would skip it. Seriously.
  3. Olivares

    Planning my next Camino and doubting about sleeping in albergues

    The last thing I would do is to tell you HOW you should walk YOUR Camino. There is no such thing as "not done" when it comes to walking YOUR Camino. While many pilgrims use albergues a lot of pilgrims also use the smaller inns, hostels, and hotels along the Camino. It is not a coincidence...
  4. Olivares

    What does *ALSA Bus Guaranteed mean?

    Check the stats on your flight--- if the flight is rarely delayed, buy the ticket. I opted twice to NOT buy a bus ticket because my flight was transatlantic and when I got to the kiosks the time/route was sold out. I still got to Pamplona that day because you WILL have plenty options either...
  5. Olivares

    What does *ALSA Bus Guaranteed mean?

    Per previous comments, ALSA Buses provide some services that many other bus companies in Spain don't-- this ranges from bathrooms, wide seat, seat belts, turntables, soda service, seat with charger, Wi-Fi, a movie, etc... This may mean little to you but if the ride is longer than 3 hours, that...
  6. Olivares

    Parrochial Albergues - will they accept transported bags?

    Yes, many albergues accept the bag, but will not assign a bed place until the Pilgrim gets there. In addition, there are drop-off points in almost every village and town, from where you can just pick-it up and head out to the albergue of choice. It is a popular choice to use a transport the...
  7. Olivares

    My First Camino....

    I bought a wooden stick 5 minutes before getting on the Camino at SJPDP. There is a pilgrim's store across the office of the Pilgrim that has many types. I paid 5 Euro and was probably the best 5 Euros I have ever spent, specially the last 5 Kms walk into Zubiri. I did get attached to it. To...
  8. Olivares

    Feeling a little judged from other commenters so...

    If all you can do are the last 100 kms I'll say to that....BRAVO!! Please go and have a great time and experience the Camino. NO need whatsoever of a guided tour. The Camino is incredibly well marked, there are hundreds of posted guides with lodging suggestions, and the same for baggage...
  9. Olivares

    Credit Cards

    The chip and PIN system is the dominant card payment platform in most European commercial venues, but some do still accept the swipe. However, many establishments have been phasing out the swipe capability. My advise is try to get all your money cards (credit/debit) issued with the chip.
  10. Olivares

    finding daily culture

    More often than not, the Office of Tourism in big cities have available a list of upcoming events for the province, and even more so, if the town/village is on the Camino. Don't ever miss the opportunity to go into an Office of Tourism in Spain and see what they have on boards posted or simply...
  11. Olivares

    All set for Camino.... Leave tonight.... Terrified and excited in equal measure.

    Jenn-- an hour before I started walking from SJPDP I started crying like a baby, scared to death. Much like you, never walked more than 5 miles, used to creature comforts, about to turn 50. I pushed myself out of the door...and within 30 minutes found myself on the road making friends with a...
  12. Olivares

    Which stages would you skip?

    IF you are walking for the Compostela, of course then you cannot skip Sarria- Santiago. Anything before that still applies. Don-- so glad to get to "see" you around the forum. Hey, let me know if you ever walk the Sanabres or Via de la Plata and want/need some walking company. :) Hope all is...
  13. Olivares

    Which stages would you skip?

    After Leon, I would had skipped: - Leon to Hospital de Orbigo. - San Martin del Camino- Hospital de Orbigo - The 8kms Molinaseca to Ponferrada (bus/taxi ahead). -Cacabelos to Villafranca del Bierzo (bus/taxi ahead) - The 12 Kms Villafranca del Bierzo-Vega de Valcarcel (bus/taxi ahead) - Sarria...
  14. Olivares

    River route into Burgos (PDF)

    Page 16...that's the one that got lost. The industrial entrance walk on to Burgos is horrendous, worse section on to a large city along the Camino Frances.
  15. Olivares

    A few questions re: 1980s Camino Francés

    I believe Keith refers to El Museo del Prado in Madrid. Free on Sundays although long lines as a result. I love this Museum.
  16. Olivares

    A few questions re: 1980s Camino Francés

    I walked the Camino Leon- to Santiago in May 1997-- considered it a blessed sight whenever I spotted another pilgrim.
  17. Olivares

    LIVE from the Camino Cacabelos or Villafranca del Bierzo

    I thought Cacabelos had very welcoming locals, a nice albergue, and overall great facilities. I did moved on to Villafranca, which is a great town. I did stayed at Albergue Casa del Perdon and agree with MSpath, lovely stay, very welcoming owner who bikes/walks the Camino every year in the...
  18. Olivares

    Camino is a no go

    Martin- you are in my prayers and I think, without doubts, that you WILL get to the Camino. The silver lining in all this is that getting in a long transatlantic flight with an undetected bleeding cyst on a critical organ was going to be a very, very serious situation for you and friend. The...
  19. Olivares

    Dear Camino family

    I am with SY on this one; stay close to Santiago on the last night so that you can walk into town in not much of a hurry, be able savor those last Kms, and still have time to make the noon Mass. I did hurried on that last day into Santiago because I did not wanted to miss the noon Mass. I made...
  20. Olivares

    Walking the Pyrenees with pre teens all unfit.

    Start in Sarria. Your description of present conditions fits just about 75% of the Sarria- Santiago crowd. Your kids will find plenty company and it is a lower risk proposition.

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