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    Which size rucksack?

    Hey all fellow members, Thanks very much for all your comments and advice which was brilliant and very much appreciated. There is so much to plan when doing this, you can’t just throw a load of things in the back of a pack and off you go! Once again thank you one and all
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    Which size rucksack?

    Can any one advise me which is the size ruck sack in liters do most people take walking the Camino?
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    Compiling a list of refugios that accept tents

    This great David and every one for adding campsites especially the one jennyh94 from oz added it sounds Devine. I’m going to leave it til next year to see if it all calms down I’m too worried about becoming seriously ill not knowing where I’ll end up?
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    Hi every one,at the places to stay each night, each on the Camino, do they give you a towel to use or do you have to pack one and try to dry it each day? Thanks, Billie
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    Buffs Camino design

    Hi lee I’d like to order 3 buffs but don’t know what size, colors or designs you have. Can you let me know how much, and how I pay you? I live in the uk? Billie Sorry I’m known as pookiebear2002
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    Buffs Camino design

    Hi just seen the thread about buffs and am very interested but don’t know what colors or sizes you have, how much and how I pay you by card? I’d like to order 3 could you let me know what etc? Regards. Billie
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    Camino buff?

    Thanks every one great info and gratefully received
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    Should I Pack This???

    Probably not. Talking about packing, what is a Camino buff and is it worth packing?
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    Should I Pack This???

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    Camino buff?

    Hi daft question every one but, what is a Camino buff? I know you wear it?
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    Bra Recommendations?

    You can buy seamless sports bras like seamless socks which are brilliant and stop chaffing

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