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    Two pilgrims rescued ibaneta pass

    There's a spot on this route where there's a statue on a beautiful cliff. When you go to see it, it's easy to become disoriented and go down the wrong path (I did!). They even warned us about it at the pilgrims's office. But yes, after 10 minutes of walking (and chatting... it's the chatting...
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    Just finished my Camino Frances with 40km yesterday but can’t get Compostela or Certificate of Distance

    I like what you said about friends. :) My official paper sits in a cupboard and no one asks to see it for proof; the feeling inside is the same. If it means a lot, I think if you write to them it would help. You have a way with words. :)
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    My pet-peeve: Selfies

    Hi, The track is so varied that a few videos might not portray it accurately. There are very steep parts, rocky parts, flat parts, slippery parts, forested parts... city and fields. Before I went, my biggest question was "Can I really do this thing?", and the answer is yes. Prepare for the...
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    LIVE from the Camino Injury Advice

    I’m walking the Camino now, and I’ve seen many knee issues and I myself have some knee pain. I’ve found that for me, (and you will do you) taking shorter days and rest days, putting my knee in cold streams whenever possible (it’s a miracle), taking ibuprofen and using my poles properly (I see...
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Canadians Mixed Vaccine Entry

    I have mixed vaccine and it wasn’t a problem. My paper only listed the second vaccine type and no one asked.
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    Wondering how busy the trail is

    I’m here now (close to Burgos) and most people are booking ahead a few days because of limited capacity and growing numbers. For me it’s perfect. Enough people to make it interesting but not crowded. If you have special needs you will want to book ahead. Many places are open.
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    LIVE from the Camino We are in Navarrete, where is there an outdoor shop on the way?

    Planeta Agua. I was there a few days ago.
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    LIVE from the Camino We are in Navarrete, where is there an outdoor shop on the way?

    In Longrono there is a hiking supply store near the Camino trail. 5 min off the trail. Probably closed during siesta hours.
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    I flew into France, so I haven’t yet been to an airport in Spain (I don’t think the cows on the Pyrenees cared), but because I will be going through Spanish airports on the way home, I got one. I like the posts explaining that the codes are not for the same purposes country to country.
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    I’m on the Camino now and no one in Spain has asked for the code. In France you need the French code to get served anywhere but so far not here.
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    LIVE from the Camino We’re finally on our way!!!!!

    Buen Camino from Canada, Lhollo! I leave SJdPdP on Aug 27th, so I may meet you at some point.

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