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  1. Donna Sch

    Hilliest Camino stages?

    The Invierno or Sanabres are both lovely caminos. How many km do you think you will do on a daily basis?
  2. Donna Sch

    Levante/Zamorano/Sanabres Short Combo

    Some of my favourite days there and I love that you stopped in Rionegro. Good choices.
  3. Donna Sch

    Thoughts on starting Via de la Plata in May

    I started on June 7, 2015 arriving in Santiago 0n July 23. It was hot but I acclimatised easily coming from Darwin. The heat is like Central Australia with that dry heat where the sweat evaporates off you quickly. Parts of the Sanabres remind me of Central Otago in NZ. There was a heat wave that...
  4. Donna Sch


    I just looked at the prices - eek! I must have found a deal somewhere.
  5. Donna Sch


    We stayed here in 2019 after I saw it recommended on the Spanish Sabores website where I tend to find my Spanish recipes . Comfortable and very handy to useful things. Easy walk to Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell and Plaza Catalunya. Great foodie area.
  6. Donna Sch

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Does the booster expire?

    I have heaps of those in my bathroom and the kids bathroom and in their rooms. But any mask is better than no mask at least for about 10 minutes. I have also told them to avoid eating indoors where there are people because when staff contract Covid in the hospital, it tends to be in the tearoom...
  7. Donna Sch

    Days of discombobulation

    Just curious about those days when something unexpected happens that has you contemplating the world in an unexpected way. In 2015 while on the VdlP Australia announced that they would put in legislation that would make it illegal for me to report events such as abuse occuring to asylum seekers...
  8. Donna Sch

    Do you have tips for meeting people on the Camino?

    Verin albergue: After a long day of type 2 fun (walked over 50 km even though I had expected to walk about 30-35km) I finally arrived and caught up with my camino buddy at the albergue. I went out to a local bar to eat while he decided to have a nap. When I came back I could not get in with the...
  9. Donna Sch

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Does the booster expire?

    It gets very confusing and rules change so much. I'm in Australia so the vaccines available to us have been AZ, Pfizer, Moderna and most recently Novavax. I'll ignore Novavax for now as the approval is quite recent so affects very few people. Basically the primary course is the first two shots...
  10. Donna Sch

    Medical first aid kit

    A roll of K-tape for blister and chafe-prone areas; a roll of sports tape (it is stiffer and good for sprains and strains); fixomul for blistered areas or any open wounds; electrolyte tabs; scissors to cut the tapes; paracetamol and ibuprofen; salbutamol puffer for itchy insect bites (I steal my...
  11. Donna Sch

    On the Camino, on this date in February...

    2019: Levante. In the heart of Don Quijote country in Tembleque. The windmills of La Mancha.
  12. Donna Sch

    Arrows on the VdlP

    Even though theoretically you are heading North, you will find yourself facing East most mornings when you leave towns walking into a sunrise. Just to confuse things further.
  13. Donna Sch

    Pre-Camino walking regimes - are they worth it? Do they work? Are they needed?

    Work out the average distance you need to be able to complete daily in the time you have available. I think for my first camino on the VDLP I assumed 22 km. In the first week, try not to go over this distance if possible and if you must go over it, allow plenty of walking time so you can take...
  14. Donna Sch

    Trying to work out the length of my camino for flights

    There is nothing worse than feeling rushed. For the first week I try to keep distances under 20km unless there is no choice just to let the body settle in. After that I assume I need to do between 18-25km depending on the route. For the VDLP I had to average 22km per day. But it wasn't long...
  15. Donna Sch

    Any past or future pilgrims in the Top End?

    5 pm at the Foreshore Cafe this Saturday. Wear your favourite camino shirt!
  16. Donna Sch

    Any past or future pilgrims in the Top End?

    This Saturday arvo sounds good to me. I can do any time. How does 5pm sound or is that too late?
  17. Donna Sch

    Any past or future pilgrims in the Top End?

    Foreshore Cafe in Nightcliff as a meet-up spot? What times do people suggest?
  18. Donna Sch

    Any past or future pilgrims in the Top End?

    I'm based in Darwin and am always down for a conversation on all things Camino. Anyone want to meet for coffee?
  19. Donna Sch

    Returning to sanity: Planning my next, Post-Covid Camino.

    Yes, definitely. I started the VDLP during the second week of June and the northern part of Extremadura was stinking hot especially on the day we walked to Banos which is a lot of road walking. When the temp hits 35C the umbrella tends to come out. The other bonus of a silver umbrella is that...
  20. Donna Sch

    Camping Question - Things that go 'bite' in the Night

    And crocs and jellyfish (box and irukandji) and sea snakes... You don't get in the water unless it is a bathtub or a swimming pool.

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