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  1. tomnorth

    Covid and Phone plans

    Apple started supporting eSIM in 2018 with the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.
  2. tomnorth

    Covid and Phone plans

    If it's a later generation Samsung phone I suspect it would support eSIM.
  3. tomnorth

    Covid and Phone plans

    If your phone supports it (most iPhones do), I highly recommend going with an eSIM. No need for getting your hands on a physical SIM. I know Orange offers eSIM. Here is a link to the Apple support web page on eSIM.
  4. tomnorth

    Hiking poles from USA

    I guess you got special treatment. 🤪
  5. tomnorth

    Hiking poles from USA

    I put my poles and other sharp objects (knife, cork puller) in a shipping tube and checked that. I carried on my pack. This worked out great.
  6. tomnorth

    New and looking forward to the walk

    Buen Camino!
  7. tomnorth

    Beyond Grief - My Next Steps Camino

    I wish you a buen Camino. I wish you peace.
  8. tomnorth

    New to camino

    Buen Camino!
  9. tomnorth

    Hi ... crazy person here :)

    Pilgrims have been known to kill for fresh fruit and vegetables! ;-)
  10. tomnorth

    First timer - foolish or not to try the St jean pied de Porte route ?

    Go with your gut feel. If you’re reasonably fit you can handle it. I’ve hiked more difficult trails in the Rockies.
  11. tomnorth

    How Important Is The Compostela?

    My credencial means much more to me than my Compostela. I am a Protestant Christian. The Camino has deep spiritual meaning for me, but none of that meaning is impounded in the Compostela. I’m ambivalent about whether to get one on my next Camino.
  12. tomnorth

    Here's to life's challenges! First Camino, starting May 4

    When I next walk I’ll be 62. I hope you have an amazing, transformative experience. Buen Camino!
  13. tomnorth

    Photographing the Camino

    Yes, they were made on the Camino Frances. The funny thing about the Camino is that it’s really not about the scenery, it’s the people. That’s why I wouldn’t worry about it having been over photographed. Any photographer with an inquisitive and open mind will be able to find new and compelling...
  14. tomnorth

    Photographing the Camino

    You have a good photographic eye. I like the style of your portrait work especially. There are so many ancient buildings that would make excellent backdrops for your portrait work, it’s hard to pick out any particulars. The most interesting might well be the least notable. At the time of year...
  15. tomnorth

    Getting Old.

    You are an inspiration! I hope and pray to be able to walk a Camino when I’m in my seventies.
  16. tomnorth

    Newbie seeking wisdom and advice

    If you can swing it, I’d get a smaller pack, say 36-38 liters. The problem with using a pack that is twice what you need is all that extra space believe it or not. I’d be concerned about things shifting around in there. The Valcarlos route starts in SJPDP and takes you through the village of...
  17. tomnorth

    Looking for a buddy

    It may be hard to imagine, but even though you might travel to the Camino on your own, you won’t have to walk alone or be alone. I was a solo traveler when I did my first Camino Frances in 2015 but I was not alone or lonely on my Camino. I suggest going with the flow. You will be just fine...
  18. tomnorth

    Camino Frances #2

    Thanks, I will fix it. I forgot about that.

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