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  1. Ali@59

    Bilbao to st jean

    Hi Lisa, I caught the bus from Bilbao to Pamplona and then another bus to St Jean pied de port, that was in 2018, bus timetables shouldn't have changed much since then surely. Have a great time!
  2. Ali@59

    Bilbao to Pamploma

    I just looked at Rome to Rio website and I think the train would be the best option, the bus doesn't look very straightforward
  3. Ali@59

    Bilbao to Pamploma

    You can prebook a ticket on the Alsa bus website or just get a ticket in the machine at the bus station which is very close to San Mames football stadium, home to Atlétic Bilbao
  4. Ali@59

    Getting to the Camino (Sahagun) from Dublin

    Unfortunately us in the UK no longer get discounts on travel or anything else in Europe 😡
  5. Ali@59

    Getting to the Camino (Sahagun) from Dublin

    Yes, you can fly to Santander and either bus or train to Palencia then train it to Sahagún, i did that in 2019 but took the Alsa bus to Palencia, it also lets you see more of the countryside, if you have the time of course, good luck 🍀
  6. Ali@59

    Getting from Madrid airport to Sahagun

    I flew from Edinburgh to Santander and took the bus to Palencia then train to Sahagun, it was easy
  7. Ali@59

    Bilbao to Roncesvalles

    Hi @amyqwerty, if you scroll down to similar threads Valery asked that same question, you might find some advice there. I caught the bus from Bilbao to Pamplona and then to St Jean Pied de Port, not sure if there's a bus to Roncesvalles. Have a great time on your camino!!

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