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  1. Tincatinker

    Madrid to Pamplona

    The information is given above. Fly Madrid; cercanias to Madrid Atocha; train Pamplona; bus or taxi to St Jean. Fly Paris; metro to Montparnasse; train to Bayonne; train to St Jean. Or just start walking from Madrid or Pamplona. There are no rules Buen Camino
  2. Tincatinker

    Jamón Ibérico - worrying news

    Ah, the dear old Gruaniad. Once renowned for the humour of it’s compositors ( the description of Edward Heath as the Prim Minister was a favourite). A desiccated Dehesa and skinny pigs can be added to the list of things we should be more worried about than the availability of sleeping bag...
  3. Tincatinker

    Hiking poles vs staff

    What @C clearly say. Cut yourself a staff. About 7ft to start with and take it and a sharp knife on a good rough ground walk. The blade is to cut to your balance length ( a bit at a time 😉) and also to trim any burrs and bark that catch your skin and, ultimately to cut your thumb notch when...
  4. Tincatinker

    Seville: Feria de Abril

    OK, so, I’m going to be in Seville for La Féria and it’ll coincide with one of my birthdays. I’ve always said I was a lucky tinker. Now, can anyone tell me which is the worst bar / restaurant in Seville ‘cos I figure it’ll be the only one where we’ll get a table 😉 Otherwise I guess I’ll just...
  5. Tincatinker


    No reservations. Attend early, join the queue
  6. Tincatinker

    Which is longer , Camino Primitivo Hospitales or Pola route

    According to Gronze it’s 24.1km via Hospitales, 28.6 via Pola. Actual distances walked may vary.
  7. Tincatinker

    Recommendations for “not to be missed” & “ok to skip”

    The kindest wisdom I was ever offered. “There are no tourists on the Camino. Just, sometimes, Pilgrims who have not yet found their way.” Chico, volunteer hospitalero, Albergue Parroquial San Nicolas Flue 2012
  8. Tincatinker

    Camino dos Faros

    @Llew Spanish public transport is usually pretty reliable, and predictable. The service advertised for a Wednesday in February will more than likely run on a Wednesday in April or even September. In some areas with a summer tourist trade there may be additional services but up in the woolier...
  9. Tincatinker

    Camino dos Faros

    April timetable isn’t published yet. Only to end February
  10. Tincatinker

    Tour groups getting serious on Portuguese route 😲

    Tinkers and winter weather don’t mix as well as they used to do neither. The trick is to catch that time when the beer is still cool enough and the sunshine warms the bones 😉
  11. Tincatinker

    Camino Espiritual - last 100 kms and luggage

    Wherever you have done your research amigo you have been seriously misguided. Pontevedra to Padron is around 40km by any standard measure. Padron to SdC is 24km. Perhaps you are using Godgle.maps driving routes? Even so the results are hopelessly inaccurate
  12. Tincatinker

    Sleeping bag needed in June?

    So. Two responses from people who haven’t walked in June and one from one who has. Go with the majority, you can always sleep with all your clothes on 😉
  13. Tincatinker

    Sleeping bag needed in June?

    Definitely. Temperatures can plummet in cold weather
  14. Tincatinker

    Is there heat in the albergues?

    Assume no, and be pleasantly surprised if they do
  15. Tincatinker

    Camino dos Faros

    Looks like plenty of services from A Coruna: You'll probably find buses ex-Santiago as well. Beware of place-names as the site uses Galego and Castellano but place names are not interchangeable
  16. Tincatinker

    best place (or places) to have a day's rest on the Norte?

    Santander; Llanes; Ribadesella; (Oviedo), Ribadeo
  17. Tincatinker

    Santiago to Lisbon transport

    Fly Madrid, fly Lisbon
  18. Tincatinker

    New law gathering personal information from travellers in Spain, starting Feb. 2023

    I did note a reference to “non-professional” providers. Didn’t read it. Presumably someone has. Though my experience of the regulatory process suggests that it’s quite possible no-one with any understanding of the hospitality trade let alone hospitality on Camino ever saw a draft
  19. Tincatinker

    New law gathering personal information from travellers in Spain, starting Feb. 2023

    A Godgle translated extract for anyone who enjoys that sort of thing: 3. Traveler data [to be collected] a) name. b) First surname. c) Second last name. d) Sex. e) Identity document number. f) Support number of the document. g) Type of document (DNI, passport, TIE). h) Nationality. i)...
  20. Tincatinker

    Pyrenees difficulty

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oh dear, I wish my brain didn't work like it does. I had an instant vision of Base Camp at Honto; Camp 2 at Orisson, and eventually the brave summit party setting out from Camp 3 at the Collado de Bentartea. Dedicated Sherpa carrying the spare oxygen... Still, I enjoyed the laugh...

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