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  1. econodan

    Selfish? Self Indulgent?

    Go! We spent a little over two months working our way from Montserrat (near Barcelona) to Finisterre, and the Camino was truly transformative for us (mostly in ways we never could have anticipated). Allow the Camino to take you in; you'll find your own meanings along the way. Like Robert, I...
  2. econodan

    What is the most you have walked in a day?

    What is it about that Burgos-Hontanas stretch? Wasn't the longest we did, but it was a long day. We'd planned to stop in Hornillos, but when we arrived a little before 3 everything was full, so we grabbed a quick snack, called ahead to be sure we'd have a place to stay, and moved along to...
  3. econodan

    What is missed from every packing list?

    Along with some duct tape, also useful is ripstop tape. Ask in an outdoor gear store. It's the ticket for repairing a tear in nylon clothing or a sleeping bag. Apropos the wine and champagne memories: While we were on the Camino Frances, we took a little break in the Rioja region to...
  4. econodan

    Walking the Camino- movie premiere

    We saw it last year at the Ashland (Oregon) Independent Film Festival. It was so popular that the local movie house kept showing the film after the festival ended. Highly recommended, and in our view much truer to the pilgrim experience than the Martin Sheen film. Buen camino. Dan
  5. econodan

    I have solved the carrying water problem

    A slightly more serious reply to this thread... When we walked across the Camino Catalan in May 2012, it was hot as blazes most days, and we consumed a lot of water to stay hydrated. But every village had a public faucet, and the water is always safe to drink (as others have pointed out, Spain...
  6. econodan

    Which is the most scenic route?

    I agree with Falcon about the beauty of both the Aragones and the Primitivo. But we're really mountain people, and so found the scenery along the Ruta del Salvador even more dramatic. The walking is great too. You can read more and see some pics on our blog here, and find some more photos...

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