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  1. cronnik

    Before and after the Central?

    I wanted to spend more time in Porto during my Porto->SdC Camino and made the mistake of landing there in the am from nyc and spending a couple of hours getting my credenciale at the cathedral and some food. It IS a beautiful city. The ceramic tiles roofs cascading down the hill to the Douro...
  2. cronnik

    Back to the Camino

    I agree with slowing down and exploring the towns. I just couldn’t fly Al the way to this beautiful country and nap all afternoon- I had to poke around the town, meet for drinks/coffee with other pilgrims. And towns in between albergues were great for long lunch breaks with pilgrims, getting to...
  3. cronnik

    Back to the Camino

    Hi @StevenT 6 years ago I walked the Portuguese Camino in November during thanksgiving with a buddy. It was his second Camino and my first. We decided on the central route not so much because it was November, but because as NYers we spend a good amount of the summer at the beach on Long Island...

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