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  1. Fr Scott

    Seeking full stage itinerary from SJPP to Finisterre

    If you have google maps, this may help. I made this map in stages with several accommodations at each stage.
  2. Fr Scott

    How do you manage to overcome your language learning laziness?

    Lots of different ways to learn. People are all different. Some learn faster by watching videos, others enrolling in a class, etc. My advice, commit yourself by spending a few bucks for an online intructor. Spending money on something, for me, is a great motivator! Good luck!! Peace. ✌️
  3. Fr Scott

    Albergue Alpriate closed permanently

    Thank you, I was planning on staying there April 29 this year. Guess I’ll go to Plan B.
  4. Fr Scott

    Should you book accommodation?

    This is always a tough question. Here is the video on YouTube that I made if you’re interested.
  5. Fr Scott

    Ruta Del Mar !

    Great point! Depending on how I feel, I can have those longer Coastal stages as an option. Also, if I do a shorter Google stage, and take a day off. I can venture toward the coast and explore. I will definitely check out Magwood, thanks for the tip. ✌️😊
  6. Fr Scott

    Ruta Del Mar !

    I just checked it out on Google And saved it to my favorites. Looks like a great location and not that expensive. Thanks. I’ll keep it in mind. 😊✌️
  7. Fr Scott

    Ruta Del Mar !

    I plan to walk Ruta Do Mar around The first couple weeks in July 2023. I have mapped out shorter stages with Google maps all the way to Camino English. RUTA DO MAR 142 km Use Google maps 7 Stages Stage 1 (google maps) 23 km Ribadeo to Foz 27 km Komoot offers paths Ribadeo to Foz Mar Stage 2...
  8. Fr Scott

    Spanish teacher recommendations please

    I would highly recommend Pedro in Guatemala. He uses Skype. He’s been teaching for over 20 years. I am currently Skyping with him to brush up on Spanish for my Camino this coming April. Here is his email.
  9. Fr Scott

    Rest days

    When I’m walking the Camino, I take all Sundays off.
  10. Fr Scott

    Phones and the Frances

    I’m thinking about giving HOLAFLY a try. No phone number but it has cellular data and you can keep your original phone number and use WhatsApp. I tested it in the USA last week, unlimited cellular data for 5 days, $19. It worked like a charm. Several data options available.
  11. Fr Scott

    In Defense of Booking Com

    As A pilgrim, what I like about is that it’s easy to remember what you have booked without having to store a bunch of addresses and phone numbers. When I get close to the town where my accommodation is, I open it on and use the map to guide me in! 😊✌️
  12. Fr Scott

    Is the Albergue in Roncesvalles a “must”?

    I hear ya!! My sentiments exactly.
  13. Fr Scott

    Walking and Suffering

    Thank you for your excellent response.
  14. Fr Scott

    Walking and Suffering

    I’m definitely no expert but use shoes with good tread ( as soon as the tread starts wearing out) you are more susceptible to injury). Also, replace factory inserts with good high arch inserts. I use Active Orthaheel (Amazon). Hope that helps some. Buen Camino.
  15. Fr Scott

    Walking and Suffering

    Duly noted. Maybe I explained myself better in this video. Peace.
  16. Fr Scott

    Walking and Suffering

    Thank you for your heartfelt response. There are definitely many different levels of suffering. Peace!
  17. Fr Scott

    Walking and Suffering

    Great response Rita!! Thanx. Have a fantastic Camino! Peace. ✌️
  18. Fr Scott

    Walking and Suffering

    Duly noted my friend! Suffering may be stretching it a bit. ✌️
  19. Fr Scott

    Walking and Suffering

    Duly noted my friend! ✌️
  20. Fr Scott

    Walking and Suffering

    WHY I WALK THROUGH CAMINO INDUSTRIAL AREAS Three Quick Questions: have you ever suffered in your life? Did you get through the suffering? Did that suffering make you a stronger person? I answer yes to all three questions. That is why I walk through huge cities, pound the pavement when it...

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