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  1. Pafayac

    "The profile of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago: 90% are Catholics, 48% do so for spiritual reasons"

    Of course the etymology of the word "Peregrino", "Pilgrim" as something to do with religion. But nowadays, even among the pilgrims who walks for religious reason on the Camino, how many do believe that the relics of apostle James are in Santiago de Compostela ? And how many take care about...
  2. Pafayac

    What backpack did you carry? Short review?

    Wilsa Trail Running 38L Man of 1.70 m and 72 kgs, age 58. I chose this backpack because it has a good balance between weight and size.
  3. Pafayac

    Personal security

    It depends on the fabric of the clothes I wear: - under a synthetic T-shirt I do not sweat very much (but it must be replaced by another in the evening) - under a merinos wool T-shirt I sweat more (but it can be reused the day after) Notice that some money belts claim to be waterproof...
  4. Pafayac

    "The profile of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago: 90% are Catholics, 48% do so for spiritual reasons"

    Since 2019, more than half of the pilgrims reaching Santiago has started from Sarria... 47,5% in 2018, 50% in 2019...
  5. Pafayac

    Sarria here I come - May 2023

    Understanding why people act as they act would not be "particularly helpful" ? That does not seem a cartesian point of view, and I am not sure that Pascal shared it... But you are right: every body start where one want to start, and if a Compostela can be earned, that should not be my...
  6. Pafayac

    Sarria here I come - May 2023

    I think that heart does not need the Compostela nor any paper...
  7. Pafayac

    Sarria here I come - May 2023

    Yes, but why it is important to get a Compostela ?
  8. Pafayac

    Sarria here I come - May 2023

    Yes, the last 100 km are crowded. Why do you choose Sarria to start ?
  9. Pafayac

    Personal security

    I wear something like this during the night: Wallet In the largest accommodations, perhaps there are risks of theft, even if I never heard about them: wearing money and important papers on my skin prevents such risks...
  10. Pafayac

    Booking Train from Barcelona to Le Puy for Via Podiensis

    Reaching le Puy from Lyon with SNCF is not very difficult (commuting in St Etienne if I remember).
  11. Pafayac

    At 62 thinking of getting my first tattoo , A Tau Cross?

    A tau cross would be more convenient for the Assise Way:
  12. Pafayac

    Accommodation Abbaye de Sainte-Foy Conques

    "hospitalier": this word is mainly used for volunteers (they are volunteers in Conques). When this is a commercial accomodation, the word is "hôte", and a the neologism "gîteur" becomes to be used...
  13. Pafayac

    Avoiding communal meals (and public speaking!) in SJPP

    In some donativos (at least in France) the communal dinner is not optional, it is required because it is a friendly time, and a donativo is not an hotel.
  14. Pafayac

    Not what I expected!

    I've been surprised by the sun: every morning it raises on a new nice day. If you have the opportunity to see it going up to the sky, it can be a wonderful show. If you miss it, you will probably have a second chance when it will come down at the end of the afternoon.
  15. Pafayac

    Pamplona or Bayonne for an arrival rest day?

    Pamplona is better: do not miss the bell tower, and the tasty tapas !
  16. Pafayac

    I don’t like mummy sleeping bags

    I do not understand what you call a mummy sleeping bag ? I am using this one: It is quite light (410g) and sufficient to sleep outside in summer, and inside in winter with a silk liner....
  17. Pafayac


    In France, you can buy Permethrine, but I do not know where exactly in SJPP you could find it... Try a supermaket ? I will ask on a french forum for you. If you have a chance to find a Decathlon you can find such a product...
  18. Pafayac

    Via Podiensis April 2023 Itinerary Advice

    I do not think you need to book ahead, but the day before your arrival. Regarding your schedule, here are my comments: Le Puy ------ Montbonnet: it is a short day, quite wise for a first day (starting from Le Puy, you will climb a bit). Montbonnet ------ Monistrol-d'Allier: again a short day...
  19. Pafayac

    Albergue List

    In low season, you can find the opened albergue here: alberguesinvierno Please, regularly check this list: it can be modified each day, if an hospitalero decide to close its albergue...
  20. Pafayac

    Recommended Accommodation Logrono to burgos

    Nájera: Albergue Las Peñas very kind. No dinner but many possibilities in the town. Grañón: Albergue parroquial San Juan Bautista. Do not miss this donativo built inside the church building. If you are not too many, the hospitalero will the bell tower for you. Also it is worth to go to the...