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  1. Hilary Van Norstrand

    I need to shorten my walk

    Skip the first 3 to 4 stages and start in Pamplona. Had the same issue when we walked in 2018 and it worked perfectly. Finished our walk in 29 days, and kept thr seamless aspect if our walk in tact. To meet people all along your way and then skip over stages would seem like starting over to me...
  2. Hilary Van Norstrand

    TONIGHT: Christmas Eve party at Pilgrim House

    Merry Christmas from frigid NY!!! Warm in heart thinking and dreaming of the Camino!!!!
  3. Hilary Van Norstrand

    Post number 1 million on the Forum!

    Ivar, you are the BEST!! Happy Holidays to all you fellow pilgrims and friends. Buen Camino! Hilary
  4. Hilary Van Norstrand

    20% drop in pilgrim numbers at Roncesvalles

    YES. It’s the ending point, for me, the whole point.
  5. Hilary Van Norstrand

    “Top of the head” question about 100 mile marker

    You will adore Samos. Great starting point! Buen Camino!
  6. Hilary Van Norstrand

    Trail Condition - before Molinaseca

    Yes, was like that even in 2018. Knee killer for sure. Have to be so careful. Thank you. On the CF now leaving Pamplona for Puenta la Reina. Not looking forward to the descent from Alto del Perdon either if my memory serves me correctly. Yikes! Buen Camino.
  7. Hilary Van Norstrand

    COVID QR code for covid vax?

    They’re not checking them!
  8. Hilary Van Norstrand

    Welcome back Nerves! Its been a while

    We will all be fine! Leaving Thursday evening for Madrid from New York on our 4th Camino, and we too have the pre Camino jitters. Just need to get walking!! Buen Camino!
  9. Hilary Van Norstrand

    Starting from Logrono on Oct 8, 2022

    You’re going to do great!!! And have the time of your life. Promise. We may be in Logrono 10/8 as well. Hilary and Kevin, USA, 4th Camino. Can’t wait!!
  10. Hilary Van Norstrand

    Start walking next week

    Which date do you start walking? We start 25 September fro SJPP
  11. Hilary Van Norstrand

    Camino Engagement Sunday September 4th

    Simply wonderful! Best wishes always!!
  12. Hilary Van Norstrand

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD What is the QR code/SpTH form?

    I’m flying from JFK in 3 weeks. What Spanish QR code? Is our vacc card not enough?? Please advise. Thank you
  13. Hilary Van Norstrand

    Poles & Backpack - to check or not to check...

    Can you please link the bags for me? Sounds like a great idea. Thanks
  14. Hilary Van Norstrand

    Which Camino for both a challenge and the community?

    Any route you choose is sure to be memorable and life changing. I bet it gets In Your blood. Having done the French and the Primitivo, and the way of St. Francis in Italy, and seeing that you having plenty of time, I would walk the CF first, getting the feel of a Camino first, and then do the...
  15. Hilary Van Norstrand

    Laura from Mansilla de las Mulas on the Olvidado

    Wow, I am so sad I’m going to miss Laura on the CF in September and October. She and her Albergue was one of my favorite nights on the Camino. She fixed up my horrendous blisters and helped us to schedule massages. Please explain, which route is the Olvidado.? I don’t know this one.
  16. Hilary Van Norstrand

    For Virgin pilgrims - newbies

    I begin my 4th Camino from SJPP on 24 September. Maybe I’ll see you.
  17. Hilary Van Norstrand

    Restaurant recommendations for the Primitivo

    Magnificent stay and meal here in 2019!!!!
  18. Hilary Van Norstrand

    30 days - from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago - is it possible without stress?

    My husband and I were concerned about the time constraint with work obligations in September of 2018 and so we decided to begin in Pamplona. We ended up making it in 28 days by making 3 stages into 2 somewhere in the Meseta I think. we believe we could have done the whole thing but didn’t. Still...
  19. Hilary Van Norstrand

    Camino Del Norte in 10-12 days - where to start

    Thank you for the reply....we would like to end in Santiago, but need a reasonable start point. I believe we can walk about 18-20 miles per day but only have 10-12 days to complete the walk. This is a pilgrimage for us so it is important that we end in Santiago. Is it feasible to start in...
  20. Hilary Van Norstrand

    Camino Del Norte in 10-12 days - where to start

    My wife and I plan on walking the Camino Del Norte in Sept 2016. We are hoping to walk about 15-20 miles per day but only have about 10-12 days to complete the pilgrimage. What is the most realistic start point? What city should we fly to from the US? Thank you in advance for the help...