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    Transport from Porto to Tui

    Bl**dy autocorrect.
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    Transport from Porto to Tui

    Yes! Thank you! Going to Valenca works on the Also bus website.
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    What gear should I cut?

    Lose a water bottle and all warm clothing! It's getting hot out there. Don't carry a sleeping bag, just a silk liner. I don't carry a jacket as after 500m of walking I'm warm enough. I do carry a First Aid Kit but have rarely used it. Comppeds are essential for me. Carry a poncho in case it rains.
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    Transport from Porto to Tui

    We are flying into Porto but only starting walking from Tui. Can anyone provide information on how to get to Tui from Porto using public transport? I can't find a bus website which does that route but I know that there are many little bus companies which don't have websites.
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    Just realized I'm starting w/o a scallop shell...oops

    You and God both know you are a Pilgrim so why bother with one. Many people, including me, don't carry them.
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    Camino Aragones in Spring

    Use to plan. It's in Spanish but for each stage you have the distances, profiles, villages, albuergues.Also
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    Camino Aragones in Spring

    I walked the Aragonés in April. I’m an overweight 71 year old carrying a 9kg pack and I managed it. The trick is to do it in small bites if possible. For the first stage stay in Jaca and takes the bus to Somport and walk to Canfranc Station. This is a rough bit. Only a day pack and poles are...
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    Apple Watch ¿Sí o No?

    I have a Muvit 2 x 2.4A USB-A charger. I use Apple cables and it works a treat.
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    Foot Care

    I’ve tried soaking my feet in Epsom Salt solution but I’m not sure it helps. I know where my trouble spots are and Compeed them before I start. I was walking with a friend whose feet got into a very bad way so I took him to a clinic in a small town. The doctor said you must Compeed before you...
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    Belt purchase in Logrono

    String all round would be better.
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    Apple Watch ¿Sí o No?

    I brought mine and it is invaluable. I have a 2 outlet charger so I can charge my iPhone and watch together over night. Some albergues also have charging stations. In the morning I start Hiking mode and pause it every time I stop and then finish when I reach the next albergue. Going up hills I...
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    How fast do you walk on the Camino?

    I manage 5km in the first hour and then slow down a bit. My natural pace seems to be about 12:30 per km. For example 2 days ago I left Estella at 6:15am and was in Los Arcos before the albergue opened at noon.
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    Camino Aragones in April

    Monreal to Tiebas. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s downhill: there is a lot of going uphill as you going around the mountain.. The Tiebas albergue is run by Lourdes who is super helpful. It’s clean with 2 floors and 14 beds.
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    Camino Aragones in April

    I had to stop because my partners feet were in a very bad way. We restarted and will go to Logroño. Unfortunately I have commitments at home so I have to dash back and then come back a few days later to get from Logroño to Burgos.
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    Camino Aragones in April

    Will do.
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    Camino Aragones in April

    On the Camino Aragonés now. Today we walked from Lumbier to Monreal. It’s very hot and there is no shade until you get past Salinas de Ibargoiti. The water fountain in Abinzano is working but Izco is shut. The albergue in Monreal is almost full. On the path when we got to the NA2420 road we...
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    Valencia or Alicante?

    Valencia! It's a beautiful city with rich history and a lot of culture. Lot's of language schools. Full disclosure: I live there. I didn't mean to, I went there to learn Spanish and fell in love with the place.
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    Starting in April

    I am starting the Camino Aragonés tomorrow.
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    Experience of AA members on the Camino?

    Cerveza 0,0 is very common, but some brands are much better than others. Heineken, San Miguel, Estrella are good. I've never seen it on tap, only bottled. There are 2 types, Rubio (lager) and Tostada or Normal - darker and a fuller taste. I prefer Rubio. For a long time I wouldn't drink 0,0...
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    Camino Aragones in April

    That's what I intend to do given the length of some stages. I'm also investigating local buses.