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  1. Scott Fraser

    Flight Barcelona to Lyon for Via Podiensis

    Hi Bill, Not a flight, but you might consider a train. According to the train takes about an hour more than the flight, and it puts you in the right place to do the onward journey to Le Puy. From experience, I think you will spend a hour getting out of the airport, on to the...
  2. Scott Fraser

    Knees - your journey?

    I won't bore you with the all the details but my knees have been up and down over 4 Caminos. Camino 1: Full Frances, age 71, swelling and some minor pain on days 4-10, probably caused by a very heavy pack and an overweight pilgrim. Issues resolved with ice, Ibuprofen and Jacotrans. After...
  3. Scott Fraser

    Recommended Accommodations on Camino Le Puy

    If your budget can stand it, this restaurant is a real culinary experience (about a km from Conques). As to the villages worth a "rest day", I would highly recommend you do the variant route through the Célé Valley and spend a day at Caberets so you can visit the caves at Pech Merle, which was...
  4. Scott Fraser

    Stages from Lyon to Le Puy?

    You should consider a detour into the Cele River valley -- it's beautiful. Not to be missed are the prehistoric cave paintings at Peche Merle near Cabernets. It's one of the few places where you can enter the caves and see the art in person. Admission is limited and reservations are needed. It...
  5. Scott Fraser

    LIVE from the Camino Weather predicament at SJPP - which route is safest?

    Trecile offers really sound advice. In May 2018 I crossed the Col in snow, sleet and rain. I couldn't locate the road route and so descended the trail through the forest which I had taken the year before without difficulty. But, this time the trail was wet and muddy. Not 50 meters from the...
  6. Scott Fraser

    Advice please on Achilles tendon

    I usually do a strong forward lean with the heel on the floor. One foot then the other. Rinse and repeat.
  7. Scott Fraser

    Advice please on Achilles tendon

    Are you stretching regularly? I had a very painful Achilles tendon for over a year. Turns out my problem was caused by a tight calf muscle. A massage should relax the muscle. Regular stretching (3-4 times / day while walking) will keep the calf muscles long, which takes pressure off the...
  8. Scott Fraser

    How Much Time to Allow from MAD/Barajas to Estacion Sur to Catch Bus to Leon?

    If you take the train as Robert recommends, buy your ticket for the train from the farthest set of vending machines as you approach them. There are two types of ticket machines. The first set you will come to is selling tickets for the metro (subway), which will take you to Chamartin but takes...
  9. Scott Fraser

    How/what to do for Santiago-Madrid airport (in late-October)

    Check the times of flights - they vary dramatically depending on the time of departure. Price of one way airfare SCQ to MAD varies dramatically depending in the time of departure. ($31-168). Train costs do as well but late morning train to Madrid is much cheaper than late morning flight. Both...
  10. Scott Fraser

    How/what to do for Santiago-Madrid airport (in late-October)

    The train from SdC to Madrid is a good option. It lands you at the Chamartin station. From there to the airport is a quick ride on a commuter rail line. As you mentioned many of the accommodations near the airport have shuttles that will pick you up and deliver you to the airport. Barajas is...
  11. Scott Fraser

    What is between Sarria and Santiago? And Muxia?

    Pension Mar de Frisia is a very nice place to stop in A Brea. It's owned by a very nice lady who grew up in Texas before returning to her native Spain. Rooms are very nice. There's a pool and a good breakfast is included in the room price. Only draw back was...
  12. Scott Fraser

    Lost & Found Found a watch

    I found a digital watch today (14/05/22) on the road between Cruz de Ferro and El Acebo. Send me a PM if you think it might be yours.
  13. Scott Fraser


    Lots of good advice here to which I'll add one thing. Be gentle with your body, especially in the first week. If you get to Logroño without injury, you are probably good to go all the way to SdC. There's a big difference between being tired (exhausted even) and being injured. Rest...
  14. Scott Fraser

    Anyone else already rocking a Pilgrim's Tan?

    We believe you, Don. No need for photos. :cool: :)
  15. Scott Fraser

    How do you secure your backpack from theft as checked luggage.

    Shrink wrap rolls are available on Amazon that are very similar to what commercial bag wrapping services use in European and Asian airports. Wrap the bag, straps, etc securely in several layers of the wrap leaving something protruding...
  16. Scott Fraser

    Pyrenees in May

    Pauline, Don't bring anything other than a wool cap and perhaps some waterproof mittens for for cold weather. Most of the days will be temperate to warm weather. Some will be hot. Rain, wind and cold can happen but you can manage cold weather with layers. Also remember you will be walking and...
  17. Scott Fraser

    Pyrenees in May

    I walked the Napoleon Route in sleet and light snow on May 1, 2018. Temperature was around 0 deg C all day and the wind was strong at times. Layers of things you would normally carry (eg, long sleeve tee and a fleece and a waterproof jacket / rain pants were adequate. Light weight wool gloves...
  18. Scott Fraser

    Question for a winter camino for dry feet.

    Hi all, After several camino in boots I planned to switch this year to lighter weight trail runners. I settled on the Altra Olympus 4 which seems to have the best cushioning but also creates the waterproofing problem you are discussing. The Olympus 4 upper material is a mesh designed to allow...
  19. Scott Fraser

    Tips for Uphill Walking or Hiking

    I have found the zig-zag especially beneficial on steep downhills at it constantly changes the loading on the knees and leg muscles.