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    Not what I expected!

    This beautiful passage could have been written by me … but it wasn’t. Nonetheless, it captures my thoughts and emotions brilliantly. When your play makes it’s way to beautiful Vancouver, Canada, I’ll be there to cheer for you, and shed a tear for what we experienced, years apart, but oh-so-much...
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    Not what I expected!

    Came home with a sense of peace that was unlike any I’d had for as long as I could remember. That, and the fact that I found EVERY day hard, but got up and did it again, the next day, and then the next, for 40 days. I was far more emotional than I’d expected. I can’t imagine ever doing it...
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    If I don't stop in Zubiri, What do you recommend?

    I stayed in Pension el Peregrino in Larrasoana. Had a private room, shared bathroom, in a lovely house. A little kitchen we could use downstairs, and a nice backyard where we could hang our clothes to dry, and just hang out. The two men who own the place had a new baby, (Sept. 2022), so had...
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    Staying in Irache vs Ayegui vs Estella

    I'd forgotten about the low beamed ceiling. I recall making a mental note to make sure I tucked my head when coming out of the bathroom and back to my bed in the night. That said, I still loved Helena's place.
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    Staying in Irache vs Ayegui vs Estella

    Your picture shows the exact bed I slept in at Helena's La Perla Negra! And as a vegetarian, I was oh-so-grateful for the awesome dinner she cooked for us, that included more delicious food than we could possibly eat. Like @PrayerPose25, I arrived at Helena's in pretty rough shape physically...
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    Water on the Frances Camino

    I carried a 2-litre bladder, which was more water than I ever needed at one time. I liked having it because it was so easily reachable without having to shuffle my poles, and further, when it was really hot, I could empty the bladder over my head (yes, I did that several times), and re-fill it...
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    Sleeping sac - I'm looking for the lightest

    I used my silk sack from Soundly Sleeping Dragon from Sept. 10 - Oct. 20th this past year. Super light-weight! The sleep sack was easy to wash and hang to dry. There were some nights, especially early on, when even that was too hot, but it was more about those who refused to open a window in...
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    Lost & Found Found!!! 5/12/22 - Travel Money Belt - 4 km outside of Pontvedra

    This is exactly the point. It's not always the EASY path we walk, that will take us to where we need to get to. In this case, you took the more difficult "road-less-travelled". Between posting everywhere, talking to everyone (including the police), and finally meeting up with the rightful...
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    Vegetarian foods in non vegetarian restaurants

    I finished the Camino Frances in October 2022, and can say that it was extremely challenging to find a nutritious vegetarian meal on the Camino, often paying 12€ for bread and salad, or potatoes, and no protein. I always bought almonds at grocery stores so I’d have some protein every day without...
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    How Important Was It To You To Do "Full" CF ?

    Agree that it took about 4 weeks for the magic to kick in. So glad I walked long enough (40 days) to enjoy it awhile.
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    How Important Was It To You To Do "Full" CF ?

    Agreed. Similar to my experience. And being from the True North, sea level in my case, may also have contributed to the amount of huffing/puffing over the Pyrenees. In addition to everything you've said, I also found that staying in Orisson on the way over the Pyrenees, allowed me to meet so...
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    How Important Was It To You To Do "Full" CF ?

    Agreed. Flew from Canada at great expense. Had I not done it in one trip, I don't believe I would've gone back.
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    Sephardic Jewish memorial centre opens near Castrojeriz

    So happy to hear about this. As a Jew on the Camino in September/October this year, I'd pre-researched options for how I might spend Rosh Hashanah. In the end, I'd preplanned to buy apples and honey and share them with fellow Pilgrims at my Albergue. But the best laid plans ... On Rosh Hashanah...
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    Distant booms

    I go to fireworks competitions every year. What I heard was definitely not that.
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    Distant booms

    I walked the CF over the same period of time and heard them, too. The first time I looked madly around for guidance... should we duck and cover?! Where?! Others either didn't notice or weren't nearly as alarmed as I was. They were indeed irregular, but sometimes, two would come within a minute...
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    Finisterre to Santiago Oct 21, 2022

    Finisterre to Santiago Oct 21, 13:15. Taxi booked from Finisterre lighthouse to Santiago airport and/or cathedral, leaving at 13:15 Oct 21 2022. Room for one more. Interested?
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    LIVE from the Camino STOLEN from Foncebadon cafe 10am Sunday Oct 2, 2022

    I'm just outside of Leon, and before I left, I put my initials, in Sharpie, on the outside back of my very expensive trail runners. In Orrison, where lots of Pilgrims stop, I met a woman who had the same shoes as me. She loved thatine had my initials. Sadly, they're now so dusty it would be...
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    Umbrella for sun and rain - buy good quality (expensive) or just use a cheap one?

    I'm in Azqueta, about 8k past Estella. Pulled mine out to use on a hot sunny day before Pamplona, and it lasted all of 30 minutes, crumbling beyond repair in the wind. It was not an expensive one, but I haven't found a replacement I felt would hold up to the winds. And I'm not prepared to take...
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    Suddenly feeling terrified

    Hi Elle, I'm also leaving tomorrow, and all that you've said resonates with me. I'll be starting a day later than you as I'll be overnighting in Bayonne for a, hopefully, decent sleep, before making my way to SJPdP on the 9th, and beginning my journey the next day. So filled with...
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    LIVE from the Camino Losing motivation after believing you can finish

    As my friend from NY would say, "You F'in did it!" Good for you! Woo-hoo!!! So glad you made it over the hump.