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  1. Timwalks

    When can I book for Alsa?

    Could there be a problem with Trainline? I've never seen it successfully offer a ticket. Just now, I checked about 20 dates at random in April and May for Leon to Santiago and every time it said there were no tickets available. Not all the trains are fully booked, are they? I just checked...
  2. Timwalks

    Taxi share from Pamplona airport on April 19th?

    Starting from St. Jean on the 20th. I have a taxi offer from the Pamplona airport on the afternoon of the 19th. If someone wishes to share it or has a taxi to be shared, I'll gladly join.
  3. Timwalks

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD "Fly Covid" Gratifyingly Responsive

    I want to share a good experience with Fly Covid, the people who give Covid tests at the airports for those of us who need a test result to get back into their home countries, such as the U.S. I recently changed my Camino timetable and wrote Fly Covid to ask if it's possible to change my...
  4. Timwalks

    Pamplona to SJPDP April 19, 2022

    I'll be landing at Pamplona (PNA) at 1 p.m. on April 19, headed for SJP. Too late for the ALSA bus. Teletaxi San Fermin will fare-share up to eight passengers. They report they don't have any additional riders on that date yet.
  5. Timwalks

    Orisson Building Damage?

    I can second that suggestion and add one to watch for mail to other mailboxes. I received my second response (following the initial acknoweledgement of my request) to an email address I almost never use and don't normally monitor, probably taken from Facebook.
  6. Timwalks

    Orisson Building Damage?

    He declined my request for a bed at Orisson on April 20, but did have a bed at Kayola available. I was also able to get seating for dinner that evening and breakfast the next day.
  7. Timwalks

    Help with blisters!

    Wearing liners for any long walk has helped me avoid blisters as a rule. Also, in my experience, I've had luck preventing them by trying to be sensitive to the development of a hotspot, and then having the presence of mind to stop, pull off my shoe, and apply a moleskin. I also learned from a...
  8. Timwalks

    Tight boots and dodgy tendon -5 weeks to go. Help!

    There's a good chance you have Achilles Tendonitis, but a consult with your primary care physician, a podiatrist or a physiatrist can make sure. There are treatments, including home stretching/strengthening exercises and tendon massages recommended by physical therapists, as well as icing and...
  9. Timwalks

    Alsa buses from Pamplona to SJPdP Scheduled— April 2022

    The Spanish bus company Alsa has just posted its schedule for buses from Pamplona to St. Jean-Pied-de-Port, beginning April 1: The only bus on their schedule leaves daily at noon, makes five stops enroute and arrives at 1:45 p.m. A ticket costs 22 Euros.
  10. Timwalks

    Weather Inquiry

    In addition to the helpful resources cited above, I'd like to add another that may be of interest. Dark Sky is an app that delivers localized weather information throughout the world and it has an interesting historical function. For example, if you list Burgos at the top of its page, it will...
  11. Timwalks

    "Buff" question for native English speakers

    The corporate lawyers at Buff have been ever so vigilant! But, they are also making lots of work for the marketing agency copy writers responsible for developing euphemisms. I looked up these products on the REI website. Sure enough, the various brands are called "Multifunctional Headwear (or...
  12. Timwalks

    Bus service Pamplona to SJPdP

    I wrote ALSA asking when bus service between Pamplona and St. Jean Pied de Port might begin and if they knew what the schedule would be. I received this reply today: "In response to your query, you can check later as the route starts from 04/01."
  13. Timwalks

    More recent history of Spain - Book recommendations

    Thank for the heads up on that documentary Irishwalker. It looks very good. Right now, it is available on Netflix in the UK but not the U.S., FYI. Perhaps soon ...
  14. Timwalks

    Light weight seats, chairs, stools

    You two are an inspiration! For starters, I think you may find some prospects on Amazon if you search for "ultralight camp stool". Just skimming over the results I saw a couple of three-legged stools that might work for you.

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