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    How to stream the movie "The Way" in the US

    you can buy a DVD on Amazon--looks like no one is streaming it. wierd.
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    Starting May 1, 2023 - SJPP

    I am thinking of starting around then but am concerned about snow or bad weather while crossing from SJPDP to Roncesvalles---how as your weather this year?
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    2023 Roll Call for Via Francigena

    I am hoping to start late august 2023 in Laussane to avoid too much snow on the pass, but hoping to find some friends to join me for a bit of it.
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    2023 Roll Call for Via Francigena

    I am considering it too but maybe starting in late august to avoid too much snow on the pass.
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    Recent thoughts on walking in September during Covid The NYTimes had a great questionnaire about whether to travel right now-----if you are...
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    Organised tour or do-it-yourself?

    i did the CF in 2012 solo but used baggage transfer daily (had bad case of plantar fasciitis) and used to reserve hotel rooms (pensions & casa ruals mostly--only 1 albergue which i hated). i booked the 1st week ahead then booked a day or 2 ahead for rest of camino except last...
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    LIVE from the Camino Camino Aragonés, September 2018

    I flew to Madrid (spent a few days here), train to Zaragosa, train to Jaca (but a bus is probably faster) stayed 2 weeks taking Spanish lessons, Bus to Somport
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    Hiking Shoes, or Hiking Boots?

    I am almost finished my camino. Should hit santiago on friday. I originally was going to wear mytrail running shoes but thought boots might be better so i brought both plus hiking sandles. I wore mostly my boots as there really arelots of pebbles and rocks and boots felt better. I have low cut...
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    The Big Backpack Myth

    I am on the camino now and am totally amazed at the number of pilgrims here struggling with backpacks andfeelingtheymust carryit all or will judged as unworthy. I have chosen to notkillmyself and use a baggage service and feel fine at the end of the day while too many others look like dead meat...
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    Pamplona to Jaca

    Hola I have just spent 2 weeks in Jaca and am now in Pamplona leaving today for st jean. You can take a bus from Pamplona direct to jaca. The schedule I have ...that i picked up at bus station in jaca.....says there is a bus from Pamplona to jaca at 15:15 and 17:15 with no mention of it not...
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    from texas to spain today--------------I'M OFF THEN!

    howdy y'all. i fly out today from hot humid houston to madrid............a "drier" heat. i am ready as i'll ever be. so how hot has it been in texas this summer??????????? Hot as a billy goat in a pepper patch. So hot the hens are laying hard-boiled eggs. Hot as a summer revival. Hotter than...
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    so what are all the options to get to roncesvalles from sjpdp? 1. hike to orrison & spend night IF you have a reservation ahead of time (non-refundable) and then hike to roncesvalles on day 2 all on napoleon route 2. hike to orrison, spend night then continue on napoleon route to Roncesvalles...
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    french camino starting on aug 22 SJPDP ending oct 4th in mux

    hi y'all! i will be starting in sjpdp on august 22 as well. i have a hotel reservation in another town a mile away for 2 nights before i take off. if weather is good i'd like to try to get to roncesvalles but will make reservation at orrison just in case--no need to kill myself in a lightening...
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    Camino 2012

    TO ALBERQUE OR NOT?????????? There is a bed race on all the caminos, but the Camino Frances gets all the attention. Capacity was expanded for the holy year in 2010, but mostly on the Camino Frances. Pilgrims prattle for years about the Pyrenees crossing, but you won't do that on the Camino del...
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    Five tips for the novice pilgrim

    but if you stay in hotels/pensions/B&B and not alberques could you eliminate these concerns??? i just read a post concerning alberques that some/many were like homeless shelters?????? YIKES! 4 Can you share a dorm with others and/or sleep next to a stranger? Do you tolerate snoring? Or do...
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    Post Camino Foot and ankle issues- What to do?

    RICED rest ice elevation compression drugs (NSAIDs) and stretching too i usually go to a specialized sport massage therapist --AFTER acute injury or inflammation --first and they are excellent at referring to podiatrist if needed. CONGRATULATIONS!
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    Days of Rest

    i met a woman (age 66) who did the camino last year who took a rest day at least once a week (sometimes < a week) and followed the stages in Brierley's book and highly recomended that. she also trained 6-8 miles a day with her pack for months before doing camino. her stops were in these towns...
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    Ladies Choice: What shoes did you wear & pro's/cons

    I am a female. I will turn 65 at the end of my Camino in October and plan to wear trail running shoes. I have Brooks Cascadia shoes. I am also training for my 500+ mile hike by doing many long hikes (15-22 miles) back to back with a full pack in those shoes to make sure they work. Everyone is...
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    Oldsters on The Way

    YIKES! PLEASE don't refer to yourselves as "oldsters"!!!!!! i will celebrate my 65th birthday at end of my camino in october and i will NEVER refer to myself as old-----i plan to fight it everystep of the way. the new PC term is---------------"more experienced in a less competitive age group...

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