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  1. Walton

    Lisbon will be crowded (July/Aug ‘23)

    Thank you for the alert. I would imagine a reasonable percentage of those people will also be either visiting or making a pilgrimage to Fatima as well during that time.
  2. Walton

    Albergue Alpriate closed permanently

    When we stayed there in 2017 we were told the premises were rented. It was a lovely albergue. We were lucky enough to be given two beds on the ground floor. The local shop across the road and the sports club where we had dinner will certainly miss pilgrim patronage though.
  3. Walton

    VdlP Accommodation

    According to Gronzena d my 2018 Gerald Kelly guidebook, there are two other possibilities. These are the Albergue Luz del Camino and Hostal Francis Your other option would be to walk to Santiponce about 13K from Sevilla and then walk through Guillena to Castillo Blanco de Los Arroyos about...
  4. Walton

    Meaning of “WC” Used in Cicerone Guidebook of Via Podiensis

    A little bit off topic here but; After living in China for two years, I can confirm that even if you cannot speak a word of any Chinese language, all Chinese people understand the English pronunciation of the letters, WC. Mind you, once shown to the WC doors, be prepared, upon entry, for...
  5. Walton

    Knees - your journey?

    I just want to add something about crossing your legs. No funny ideas folks🤣 This is not one of those forums you read about. Seriously! Anyway, if you read couple of my previous posts above, you will learn that I have developed a physiotherapist diagnosed medial collateral ligament issue (MCL)...
  6. Walton

    Knees - your journey?

    That's exactly what I'm doing now Tazzie Kas! Asking myself - Am I walking correctly? And What is most likely the correct way to walk? The only thing different from you at the moment is that I'm leaning forward slightly. I think any knee examination needs to look at the whole leg...
  7. Walton

    Knees - your journey?

    This is a great topic. Fourteen years ago, I developed a severe pain in my right knee in China after being forced to walk a couple of kilometres in 102 F heat carrying a laptop, and a backpack and dragging a heavy suitcase because the University that I was teaching at suddenly decided that...
  8. Walton

    Meseta 2018.

    We walked the Meseta in September / October 2016 and it was absolutely lovely. Endless skies, distant mountain ranges to the west, and an overhead hot sun - It was good for the soul. Some say it is boring, uninteresting, and to skip the Meseta but we loved this part of the Camino perhaps more...
  9. Walton

    Starting from Lisbon — good or bad idea?

    Can I add another reason to the excellent list of Peregrina2000? By the time you reach Porto, your body will be absolutely Camino fit! Those first few days of walking any Camino are, I find, difficult because it takes the body a few days to adjust. You'll likely get a pain or two here and...
  10. Walton

    Back From Grand Canyon National Park

    There you are @davebugg Thank you for the update Dave. In our previous communication I said I was working on the Via de La Plata itinerary and it's nearly finished so I will send it to you soonish (Australian time) as you've requested. What an interesting volunteering job you have - and you...
  11. Walton

    VdlP or Portuguese in April ?

    We found parts of the route from Sacavem to Santarem very industrial and without much natural beauty with lots of rubbish etc. There was a constant stream of dead fish floating by in the river for the two days as well and this was concerning. Add a bit of jet lag to it (Australia to Lisbon via...
  12. Walton

    VdlP or Portuguese in April ?

    We have walked the Portuguese in September 2017 from Lisbon to Porto via the traditional route, and then from Porto to SdC via the coast. Lisbon was fantastic but the first couple of days from Lisbon on the way to Tomar were a bit disappointing. From there on, we enjoyed our Camino, especially...
  13. Walton

    Discarded face masks

    When you discard any face mask, please cut the straps even if you put your old face mask in the bin. All rubbish ends up somewhere even the dump, and the straps have caused big issue for birds and other wildlife. So do wildlife a favor by cutting the straps before binning. Buen Camino 😇
  14. Walton

    In Defense of Booking Com

    To those complaining about fees - Do you think they should do everything for free? Running a business such as theirs is expensive and they need to generate an income to pay those expenses. I for one, don't mind paying 15% fee for wonderful convenience. In the 1970's when I was a...
  15. Walton

    Why I am Considering Leaving This Forum

    Roberts26 - thank you for your ten years of forum contributions. I guess the forum in some ways is like a school - there are the permanent staff like the mods, and long serving members and then there are the students - that neverending flow of people that decide to walk a Camino or two and who...
  16. Walton

    Nadine K's YouTube videos of the Vasco

    Agreed - Nadine's videos are fantastic ...... as long as she has her coffee in the morning 🤣 Also, she has the admirable quality of being able to turn something that goes unexpectedly wrong into a positive light. A reminder that life doesn't always go the way you want it (especially when one...
  17. Walton

    Hospital Bill from Spanish Hospital

    Just to explain my comment about insurance companies looking for ways to avoid payment of claims. Our car was damaged in a hailstorm. The insurance company wanted to inspect the car and an appointment was made. I was running five minutes late due to traffic and on arriving home I noticed the...
  18. Walton

    Hospital Bill from Spanish Hospital

    I see this thread is still going. I want to repeat what I wrote last August below. It is really important, if you purchased travel insurance covering medical and if you attended a hospital but haven't received a bill to immediately communicate an intention to claim because it is likely your...
  19. Walton

    Alert Guns (hunting) and pilgrims safety

    In 2017, walking from Acebo, early in the day, I had a need to visit a convenience for the call of nature. We happened upon a cafe, and we entered and I ordered two cafe con leches before visiting the loo. Before we entered the cafe we noticed a couple of cars with trailers containing all sorts...
  20. Walton

    Central vs Coastal

    We did the coastal route in 2017 from Porto to Santiago. Having walked from Lisbon to Porto via the central route and seeing as we live a couple of hours drive hours away from the sea, we thought the coastal would be ideal for us from Porto. And it was. The only downside was that quite often...

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