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    Where do pilgrims who detour to Fatima rejoin the Caminho?

    In 2017, a pilgrim fellow and I hitched hiked to Fatima from Tomar and back. We trusted the journey and it had provided~ But that was then. :)
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    Back in the USA

    I did my 2nd Camino this year (Portuguese way from Lisbon). If you will visit Europe of many wonderful places, could I suggest you do the touristy stuff first and then the walk.... Doing the Protuguese way to Muxia and then touristy things is quite the unique experiences... but in my humble...
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    walking it solo

    As a woman, it is doable. Use a lot of common sense. You will always have someone ahead of you and someone behind you walking the way. You will be friends who will be lifetime friends and friends who come and go. It is definitely worth every step and every tears when you walk the Camino! People...
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    Backpack recommendations

    HI!! I actually used Kestrel 38 for my first camino in 2015 Summer. It was a great pack, however, in hind sight, I think a lighter pack would be better. The pack is perfect for everything to fit, including a water bladder if you wanted to add that feature for your journey. But the pack itself...
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    LIVE from the Camino Friend needs help

    One of the hostels in astorga, I believe the municipal, have volunteer medical student overseen by a MD, who provide service within the albergue. It is the one near a cathedral. Wishing your friend the best!
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    Dear FEET, bedbug bites, and diarrhea,

    Yes, Albergue El Palomar was the place. The "beetle" like bug was the bed bug. They didn't do much to care for the bedbugs. . .
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    Dear FEET, bedbug bites, and diarrhea,

    Yes, eucrin aquaphor.... Everything in one!
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    Dear FEET, bedbug bites, and diarrhea,

    When one does not have a prescription, just letting folks know... There are options out there without prescriptions.
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    Dear FEET, bedbug bites, and diarrhea,

    I could agree and disagree. Everyone is different. This was a personal experience. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
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    Dear FEET, bedbug bites, and diarrhea,

    HI all peregrina/os, Just wanted to share a few words of wisdom gained through my journey on the Camino Frances (June-July 2015). This is a personal experience and lessons learned; and everyone's perspective WILL and is different. Here is my story: Coming from Seattle (Washington), one would...

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