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  1. K

    Can you Jack Reacher the Camino??

    Nine, plus 12 kilos in clanky Euro change! :)
  2. K

    Processionary caterpillars are DANGEROUS!!!

    Those are just funnel-web spider webs... no worries.
  3. K

    Not what I expected!

    Sadly, on the 5th day of the Camino Portuguese last year, I got quarantined for Covid for 5 days... and when I started back up again there were only 4 days left. So I had the sad experience of just getting to the pain-free point... twice. I look forward, at 61, to seeing how it goes next time!
  4. K

    Not what I expected!

    As with several others above... I was 54 on my first walk, and overweight. The morning of the second day, my knees and feet were quite sore. After an hour or so of walking, they weren't sore any more. The morning of the third day, my knees and feet were even more sore. After an hour of...
  5. K

    What to order at a bar whose restroom I use?

    The problem with purchasing anything caffeinated to make up for needing a toilet is... needing to pat for a toilet for having bought something caffeinated! :) I really like my backpacker's bidet and lightweight shovel (and the luck of being able to find a secluded, accessible-ish, off-path...
  6. K

    Porto Airport to historic old town

    Yes... but the wording of some of the menus/choices in English were a bit confusing to me at first... and you have to use the zone map to figure out which amount to pay, if you're just doing a single ticket... I believe airport to Trindade is a two zone pass. I can't remember now if the Porto...
  7. K

    Porto Airport to historic old town

    (My crew actually took a cab to the edge of Porto to start the walk North, rather than negotiating the city part on foot, but now that I've spent so much time there, I'm not sure I'd take that option if I'd have known... yes, there's lots of traffic, moving fast, but I never saw a single...
  8. K

    Porto Airport to historic old town

    I agree with all the Porto Metro advice -- there are several stations you can get off depending on where in the old city you want to go... the ticket machines can be confusing, but after you get the gist of them, not. And as well, pretty much everyone in Porto speaks English, so asking for...
  9. K

    Restaurants in Santiago post covid-lockdown

    "La Piccola Italia" a block from the cathedral made me the best pizza I've ever had. Well, one of many best pizzas I've ever had. (Of course, after a long walk, your first meal is often "the best meal you've ever had"! :) )
  10. K

    Down quilt

    Last walk I carried little paper clasps and strong multi-filiment fishing line as a very compact drying line... and those clips are great for attaching things to things... like, a slippery blanket to a silk liner, or not quite dry things to my pack etc. I think the weight of the clips, fishing...
  11. K

    "Working from home" along The Way(s)?

    Yes... the UK isn't part of the Schengen though, is it? If so... I'll have to head home a bit earlier than hoped!
  12. K

    Differences in the walking experience - pre vs post Covid?

    (if you want to answer this off-topic question privately or elsewhere (or not at all!), feel free) I'm interested to walk in Norway in a Camino-like way, can you suggest online resources to find paths or plan? Thank you!
  13. K

    "Working from home" along The Way(s)?

    Thank you! The North Wales way looks gorgeous, my kind of scenery! (Plus, I'm a fair part Welsh but have only been in the country for a few days, a long time ago.)
  14. K

    "Working from home" along The Way(s)?

    Kevin, from Indiana, the US, here. I have had the great fortune to have walked three pathways in France in the past decade (Le Puy to Conques, Chemin Stevenson, Chemin de St Guilhem) with a few friends. I tell people these walks have been among the best things I've done in my life. This...

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