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  1. xin loi

    Ten days on the camino, but where to start?

    Don't blame you for not wanting her to suffer the Sarria to Santiago "experience". 10 days? Finisterre to Muxia to Santiago gets you a Compostella; then turn around and walk Santiago to Muxia to Finisterre and get two more "Son of the Compostella" s. Beautiuful walk with no crowds. Primitivo...
  2. xin loi

    Distant booms

    In May of 2022 I met several Spanish men , along the Primitivo, wearing OLD WW II uniforms because they had been re-enacting the Normandy invasion.
  3. xin loi

    Ancient viticulture curiousity

    Unlike mechanical harvesting, the "Old method" of hand picking generally does not result in small mammals in the grapes. Al least that is what my grape rancher friend tells me.
  4. xin loi

    The Via Transilvanica, a walk through rural Romania

    In 2019 I walked the Norte with Pilgrims from Romania who talked about this . I had the impression it was not going to be open until 2025. Thank you for information.
  5. xin loi

    A Basic Guide to the Shikoku Pilgrimage

    Thank You. Met Pilgrims on The Camino Frances who had walked it and told me about it.
  6. xin loi

    Is Google Flights screwing with me?

    Just keep trying! Flight prices change hourly! I get my BEST prices on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. Flew RT out of State College , Pa to Madrid last May for $330. ALWAYS check smaller airports too as sometimes there are sales at the smaller airports and not at the larger airports. And don't...
  7. xin loi

    Signs and Wonders

    My favorite.
  8. xin loi

    What to do en route to Finisterre?

    Well marked WAY out of town, Walk straight past Parador and do not turn right to Compostela store. Yellow arrows and "Shells" mark the path. After walking into Santiago from Sarria , it is like being in the wilderness! No crowds; no noise. Last time i walked to Finisterre, I was surprised...
  9. xin loi

    Any don't-miss places on the Primitivo

    Check out the pictograph below while walking and tell us where the footprints are. Also I met a couple walking the Primitivo backwards and they highly recommended visiting a Roman temple just outside of Lugo--I could not find it--maybe you can.
  10. xin loi

    New again ☺️

    Do it right! Start at SJPDP and take your time! Lot of people with leg/foot problems walk the whole Camino. Might take a couple years to finish but that is very common. Age--did SJPDP to Finisterre at 69 and did the Primitivo this year at 74. While walking the Primitivo in May at least 30% of...
  11. xin loi

    Kitchens not in use

    Facilities lying dormant------On my recent Primitivo, I stayed in many beautiful Municipal Albergues that had very few pilgrims staying there. Seemed like the majority of walkers feel they MUST pre-book and therefore are NOT patronizing the Public albergues. Afraid we are going to lose them if...
  12. xin loi

    Mid- April, still not sure of route.

    Have walked the Frances, Norte, Primitivo, and the Portugese and there is ONLY ONE Camino--The Frances!! The others are hikes. Was also in Military and we never walked 20+miles a day , day after day, for a month! It can wear you down...but it is all in your head. First three days are the worst...
  13. xin loi

    Solo self guided Camino Frances and Camino Finister 20 Nov to 3 Dec

    Believe the majority of people carry their own pack and just walk. Shouldn't be any crowds at that time of year so there should be no problem finding places to stay. Also at Finisterre there are/were some AIR BNBs that are great deals if you will be there for a couple nights.
  14. xin loi

    Random thing that made you smile on Camino?

    Singing----At one Municipal Albergue, after the communal supper, they ask each person to sing a song from their home country. Interesting that NONE of the Ozzies knew the words to, "Waltzing Matilda" and even more interesting was that the pilgrims from Wales all said there was no music in Wales...
  15. xin loi

    Adding notes to route planning apps

    Read the section of IBERIA that is about the Camino. Author--James Mitchner--writes about many places that are NOT in the guide books.
  16. xin loi

    Advice on planning first, short camino

    Want the Compostela? My suggestion is the beautiful, uncrowded walk from Finisterre to Muxia to Santiago. Don't need the compostela? Then Santiago to Muxia to Finisterre and get the Fenisterre and Muxia documents! Or do what many do--Start at SJPDP and do another week every year until you...
  17. xin loi

    Random thing that made you smile on Camino?

    Meeting my future wife. When I asked why she did not have a Shell on her pack, she replied. "A friend in Germany told me to NOT buy a shell as I would meet a man on the Camino who would be important in my life and he would give me a shell". Gave her a shell that I had picked up off the trail an...
  18. xin loi

    Is there a cruz de ferro place on the primitivo?

    On both of my Camino Frances walks, I was surprised how many people had never heard about the Iron Cross. More than stones left there. The Dog Tags I wore while fighting in Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Laos were left hanging on the Cross.
  19. xin loi

    If you default the 100k rule... Cotolaya is here for you!

    A small herd of us received these in 2014 because we heard that they were only issued every 100 years!
  20. xin loi

    There's a lot more here than meets the eye.

    Ah!! Too late now! A perfect example of why one should not pre-book and just let the Camino lead you to places. The site is in Tosantos....and the nearby albergue is an incredible experience. There is also a public Albergue next door to the "monastery" albergue. Stayed there on my first Camio...

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