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    The enduring legacy of the movie ‘The Way’ (and a new book by Jen Hutchison)

    I love the film The Way, it was my introduction to the Camino for which I will always be grateful. Watch YouTube accounts by Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez where they share their reasons for and feelings about walking the Camino.
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    How do you manage to overcome your language learning laziness?

    Hello from England. I have been teaching myself to speak French for years and last week signed up for conversational French using the App italkI. The level can be set at your own pace and classes scheduled to suit, with many tutors available, choose someone who you feel you can relate to (the...
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    How do you "relieve yourself" when a toilet is not available?

    Absolutely, in addition to feminine items, couldn’t believe anyone would leave such things along the road.
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    Look for the duck

    Very best wishes and good luck. My husband passed away three years ago, regrettably before I ever heard of the Camino. It would have been the greatest experience ever to have walked with him.
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    Timelapse YouTube that everyone will enjoy

    Absolutely love these videos, thank you for sharing.
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    My only regret walking

    Hello. I fully understand your feelings, this is exactly why I would prefer to walk with a partner. Problem is, none of my friends or family are interested in walking.
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    The enduring legacy of the movie ‘The Way’ (and a new book by Jen Hutchison)

    Absolutely well said. I have watched the film many times and see something new each time.
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    payment by credit card in gites on the Podiensis

    Walked the Chemin Le Puy in May this year, we found definitely cash required in gites
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    How to stream the movie "The Way" in the US

    Hi I watched this movie last weekend on Amazon Prime. It’s free here in the UK? Good Luck, it’s worth watching.
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    When the Camino speaks

    Love it! I’m sure it did cheer you up
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    Le Puy and French Cooking

    I walked the Le Puy route in May this year and noted that the majority of other walkers were not pilgrims
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    Accommodations and Services on the Le Puy Route

    Thank you so very much for providing this valuable resource. I am travelling a section of the Le Puy route next week and plan to complete in the future. I have pre-ordered your guidebook, look forward to reading.
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    Good Friday Music For Peregrinos – Spanish Music Selection No 19

    Thank you for the playlist, very enjoyable. Best wishes

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