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    Hiking poles from USA

    Today I just went through two security checks, SFO and Heathrow, with my hiking poles in my backpack carry-on. Waiting for my next flight. Start walking on Thursday i hope!
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    Pamplona to SJPP on 13 September 2022

    i arrive in pamplona on the 13th and was going to stay overnight and take the bus on the 14th at noon. I would be interested but i changed my reservation in sjdp from the 13th to the 14th!
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Spanish health form QR code issues

    I am first flying into Heathrow, then lisbon, then madrid then pamplona so do I need to do something other than show my vaccination card from the US. I have a digital format but it is from the United States. I called the airlines and they said that was all I needed. Can you direct me to anything...
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    Brierley Camino Frances book available digitally?

    Too bad... that is 2 weeks after I return! Thanks for letting me know!
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    Brierley Camino Frances book available digitally?

    Is John Brierley's book on Camino Frances available digitally so I don't have to carry extra weight? THANKS!
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    Share ride - Pamplona to SJPDP - 9/13/22

    Hi All... new to this forum. First Camino. From Santa Cruz, California. Anyone want to share a taxi from Pamplona to SJDPD on September 13th? I will be arriving at the airport around 1:30pm that day.

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