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    Ourense to SDC

    Hi researching this route May 2023. Considering OURENSE as start point as easy to get train from SDC. Would appreciate an itinerary 5/6 days walking, 17/20km per day. Also recommendations for accomodations/must see places and if anyone used luggage transfers
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    May 2022 Finisterre & Muxia Conditions

    Depending on which month you are going I think booking ahead is recommended. Some albergues were still closed in April but the route was busy enough. Recommend Albergue Monte Aro and definitely book finisterra accomodation
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    May 2022 Finisterre & Muxia Conditions

    We just finished on 5th April. Some albergues still closed. Others we were their first peregrinos. The albergue owners expect it to be busy after Easter. Recommend Monte Aro, great host.
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    Finisterre to Santiago via Muxia

    Thanks for all replies. We think now we will start in Cee, to finisterre, lires, muxia back through dumbria, olveira etc to SDC. Something different
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    Finisterre to Santiago via Muxia

    Hi Vince I have contacted the pilgrims office regarding the compostela as it is relevant for some of our group but not for me. Others on the forum have confirmed it's OK and as it's over 100km like other routes then I agree. We intend starting at lighthouse, walk to finisterre, lires, muxia and...
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    Finisterre to Santiago via Muxia

    Considering doing this March,starting with 2 days Finisterre,then Lires,muxia and back to SDC.just wondering if anyone has done this Catherine
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    100 km to Santiago on Portugese route

    Vigo to Santiago qualifies for the compostela, just over 100km. We got our compostelas last September.
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    100 km to Santiago on Portugese route

    If you are flying into SDC it is easier to get to Vigo by direct train
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    Anyone stayed in Herbon at monastery recently. Just wondering if it was full.
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    Coastal Camino Portuguese from Porto - first Camino

    Vigo to pontevedra would be a long walk. Rest in pontevedra. Aloxa albergue.
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    Redondela cesantes

    Just wondering if anyone knows if you can walk out of redondela via cesantes and rejoin camino at arcade. Would like to follow the water for a while.
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    Favorite places to stay Porto to Santiago on Portugues Central, or Finnesterre?

    O recuncho de peregrino past redondela and monastery in herbon
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    Stopping for two days in Padron

    Hoping to do herbon in October first week, just wondering was it full or do they fit everyone in. Is it donation. Did it open 4pm
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    Vigo to Santiago

    Hi Washie, just getting ready for our trip now. Just want to see it you were able to get the compostela in Santiago, even though you did not have the stamp from the church in Vigo.
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    Airport to Tui

    I got quotes for this journey earlier this year, anything from 120 to 150 for taxi/bus. You could get train to Vigo about 11 euro and get taxi from there. You could try Tui Trans either.
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    camino portugues with teens

    In Tui consider staying at Ideas Peregrina, the staff and food are lovely. Visit the fort in Valenca, nice shops and cafes. You could go to Vigo and visit Islas de Cies - day trip and highly recommended.
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    4 days Baiona to SdeC

    You could do Baiona to Redondela, get train or taxi to pontevedra, Pontevedra to caldas de reis, caldas de reis to padron and padron to Santiago. Don't miss the hot springs in caldas de reis and church in padron. Check renfe website for train info if needed. Also based on weather now it will be...
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    Ferry to Isla Ons / Cíes

    We travelled to Islas de Cies last June, purchased our tickets the day before, and travelled on the 10 am departure, spent day on Island and returned on 5pm ferry which was full due to school groups. The camping was also bookable in Vigo, they had an office near Mar de Ons/Pirates de Nabia...
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    Vigo to Santiago

    I will look forward to your report. We are doing Vigo to Santiago in October and have confirmed 100km OK for compostela with pilgrims office
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    Split stage pontevedra to caldas de reis

    Waning to stay midway on this stage. Having a problem with finding a pension or private albergue. Any recommendations

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