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  1. Greg Petropoulos

    Overnight in Madrid

    I've been very comfortable at a small Hotel in the village of Barajas, one Metro stop from the T4 terminal of the Madrid Airport. The Villa de Barajas is a reasonably priced hotel located within easy walking distance from the Barajas Metro station. I've stayed there before and after two of my...
  2. Greg Petropoulos

    Hotel/Hostel in Madrid

    While in Madrid this last Spring, before & after Camino walking, I stayed at a very nice Hotel in a community adjacent to the airport called: Barajas, one metro stop from T4. It’s called the Villa de Barajas. Easy walking distance from the metro station. Twin room went for around $60/night. Got...
  3. Greg Petropoulos

    So long old friend,

    I agree with JCarpenter! You have a lot of knowhow and experience to offer to the Pilgrims by volunteering at any number of Albergues. Your “old friend” is still there waiting for your return!
  4. Greg Petropoulos

    Camino Mozarabe from Almeria Sept 4

    Ronald: Perhaps this year the weather will be different. I didn’t anticipate the heat experienced during the first handful of days when starting the Mozarabe from Malaga in Sept 2nd, 2016. Buen Camino!
  5. Greg Petropoulos

    LIVE from the Camino Sevilla first step to Santiago October 14 -lt56ny

    I did make the mistake of starting my Mozarabe hike, in 2016, too early in September. My home is in southern California, US, so I’m acclimated to hot, dry hiking conditions. Yet the first four days going north from Malaga were made very difficult, with the elevation changes, and the 40+ degree...
  6. Greg Petropoulos

    LIVE from the Camino Sevilla first step to Santiago October 14 -lt56ny

    I Loved the VdlP hike & Sanabres variant, Spring 2018, you’ll Love it too. Buen Camino!
  7. Greg Petropoulos

    What makes you walk

    I too was compelled to walk the Camino after the influence of the Emilio Estevez film. Having been raised Catholic, and who for several years have "fallen away" from the faith, I learned or knew nothing about Pilgrimage. Though my reasons for walking are not spiritually based, I felt nostalgia...
  8. Greg Petropoulos

    Is there any elitism between pilgrims taking different routes?

    Not to mention some other yardsticks such as when a Camino was first walked, especially before "that movie", ("I hiked the _______ Camino before there was _______), hiking wearing cotton & denim clothing, carrying a canvas rucksack, or relying on self, a compass & the stars to navigate to...
  9. Greg Petropoulos

    Top tips and gentle reminders

    Never bypass the opportunity to use an available toilet, because you may be in the middle of nowhere when nature calls! 😊
  10. Greg Petropoulos

    What is the most intimidating aspect of walking the Camino Frances on your own?

    I felt intimidated that I didn't know enough Spanish in 2014 walking my first Camino. I didn't trust my basic knowledge of the language having lived most of my life in southern California. My second Camino was abandoned after three gruelling days of heat and isolation of the Camino Mozarabe...
  11. Greg Petropoulos

    What is the most unusual thing you have seen on any Camino?

    Nick: I was laughing too hard since my hiking buddy tripped, nearly faceplanting into the vending machine. Then I had some Beers!
  12. Greg Petropoulos

    What is the most unusual thing you have seen on any Camino?

    On one the later stages of the Camino Frances, my walking companions and I came across a Vending Machine that to memory it was some kilometers to the next town. Needless to say, we were delighted to have a cold Beer.
  13. Greg Petropoulos

    Meeting Ivar

    I too have made a point to meet, shake hands with, and thank Ivar for his attention to so many details. I felt like I was dealing with an old friend, who I had finally met. He does this on a daily basis for all of us who endeavour hiking in Spain, for whatever our intentions, or motivations...
  14. Greg Petropoulos

    March or April - Seville to Mérida

    Vacation Rental By Owner(VRBO) provides the same services, and functions similarly as Airbnb.
  15. Greg Petropoulos

    March or April - Seville to Mérida

    Also started the vdlp in mid-April this year. As an alternative to Albergue or Hostel/Hotel lodging in Seville, you might consider VRBO, or Airbnb. When I need a couple of extra days, or more, to adjust to local time zone, ir touring, that choice works for me. Cost per night can be very...
  16. Greg Petropoulos


    I'm in the "my Wife isn't the slightest bit interested in hiking" camp. I'm mid-60's, she's early 70's, we're not fully retired yet, and own a business we both enjoy that has lots of flexability that I can leave without things falling apart too much. She does take on more responsibilities at...
  17. Greg Petropoulos

    Using WikiLoc ?

    Robo: An Aussie hiking companion on the VDLP last Spring suggested an app similar to MAPS.ME, called "Windy Maps". Functions in identical manner, off-line, "airplane" mode, etc. I never got lost, and always knew where I was in relation to the "trail". You'll really like the VDLP regardless of...
  18. Greg Petropoulos

    Flower (spring ?) camino -

    Annie: I began the VDLP this April 16th, walked into SdC May 31st. Many fantastic & colorful Flowers most prominent South of Salamanca. The beauty of the Sanabres Camino is different and every bit as impressive. Warm weather in the south was very tolerable, became rainy a few days before and...
  19. Greg Petropoulos

    Useful apps for planning route

    While walking the VDLP this Spring an Aussie/New Zealander fellow(Hi Martin!) suggested an app that proved invaluable. "Windy Maps" can be accessed when in "airplane" mode. It can access any trail in the world. Problematic was to know exactly where I was in relation to the trail. It got me back...

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