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  1. Warric21

    New Camino Game.

    Anniversary Edition of The War of the Ring. I'm still hoping that after the next expansion, they'll release a new special edition.
  2. Warric21

    Advice on storing a bicycle

    Do you own a vehicle? I also live in a more urban area and frequently leave my bike in my car. It's well-lit, and it's parked right outside my front door, right in front of my windows. Yes, it could be stolen, but in this neighbourhood, I don't think it would go unnoticed.
  3. Warric21

    Buying shoes in (or around) Santiago

    Similar to what was my experience the year before when I purchased an HOKA pair HOKA with the REI coupon. I let them sit for one month prior to the Camino. I returned them. It was because they were small to the shoes I was working in. I ended up with the pair of Hokas I purchased from a REI...
  4. Warric21

    Bikes on European Trains

    My first nice bike was a Triumph, which my father bought for me in 1966-67. All of the other bikes were single speed Murray and Schwinn bikes with coaster brakes, so we called them "English Racers." In comparison to the others, our "racers" were rather light. That bike took me all over...
  5. Warric21

    Has anyone done anything 'new' since lockdown?

    All right, maybe that's the dumbest idea ever, and maybe it's a genius. I figured that since the stepper motors and controller board are the most costly sections of both a laser engraver/cutter and a 3 d printer, that maybe the 2 could be combined. Create a laser cutter head mount that suits...

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