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  1. Sus1

    Primitivo July

    Thanks so much for your reply to my question - very helpful.
  2. Sus1

    Primitivo July

    For those who've walked the Primitivo in late June/July, I'm curious about the weather and the amount of rain to expect – and wondering whether to pack warm stuff like a puffy jacket in addition to wet weather gear (Altus poncho) – I'm assuming it's cooler at altitude and mornings are cold? What...
  3. Sus1

    How challenging is the Primitivo?

    American Werewolf in London methinks....
  4. Sus1

    Hoka Shoe Owners: Speedgoat 5 or the Bondi 8?

    I wore Speedgoats this year. They are initially super comfortable and springy, however after long distances I developed blisters between big toes and on the ends of little toes on both feet. Also the soles of my feet felt pinched and sore. I was miserable between Leon and Santiago. Spent a long...
  5. Sus1

    Using the Altus with off and on rain

    Altus wearers - do you also take a pack rain cover, or does the Altus suffice?
  6. Sus1

    LIVE from the Camino Current conditions: Big wave on the Francés

    Thanks for clarifying, even though it’s not the answer I was hoping for. Hoping despite the stress of accommodation that it will still be a good camino experience.
  7. Sus1

    Suddenly feeling terrified

    @Elle532 I hope you are now well on your way and having an amazing time. Please update us all with how it's going, and how you are feeling now you have taken the leap. Buen camino!
  8. Sus1

    LIVE from the Camino Current conditions: Big wave on the Francés

    Thank you for your post and putting my mind at rest 🙏🏼 I will absolutely report back on the traffic from Burgos going forward to SDC.
  9. Sus1

    LIVE from the Camino Current conditions: Big wave on the Francés

    Sorry, what do you mean it continued “until SJPDP?” I’m starting Burgos on 21st - and by my calculations this will coincide with the big wave.
  10. Sus1

    In Sansol - shot in head with BB gun!!

    Report to the police, you could have been blinded and this might not be the first or last time it happens. Hope you are ok.
  11. Sus1

    Camino Primitivo Sept 2022

    Recently travelled to Balearics and they checked everyone’s covid status on arrivals (wanted to see our QR codes showing vaccination status). This was 1 month ago.
  12. Sus1

    SJPDP - Napoleon Route

    Coming out on the Burgos river route not really knowing where I was going I had a local lady run up to me, stop me in my tracks, turn me around and push me in the correct direction. We had a good laugh and a hug, a “Buen camino!” and was on my way.
  13. Sus1

    New Pilgrim, looking for strategies to find private rooms.

    I was super-impressed with the Ronscevalles albergue, I wouldn’t miss it personally. Walking up and over the Pyrenees and then arriving here was just amazing. And the beds were excellent, very nicely spaced as you say. But chilly and no blankets - even in August! I will always have lasting...
  14. Sus1

    My First Camino

    Well if it was me I would start at St Jean Pied de Port and walk as far as your timeframe allowed… Because you WILL want to return and complete it from where you left off. 🙂
  15. Sus1

    Copy of recent albergue list

    OK that's good to know. I'll bookmark Thank you!
  16. Sus1

    Copy of recent albergue list

    Thank you for enquiring via their FB page. Interesting they won’t send out a PDF, but then their website is very dated and maybe modern technology not high on their priorities. Annoyingly I left all my sheets on a table at a bar somewhere along the way and hadn’t saved photos of each page on my...
  17. Sus1

    Copy of recent albergue list

    Ok thanks, I do have bookmarked on my phone so will get familiar with it before I head off.
  18. Sus1

    Copy of recent albergue list

    Does anyone know where I can get hold of the sheets of paper they hand out in the Pilgrims Office in SJPDP which list all the albergues with their contact details? Im heading back to Burgos soon to finish the Frances and not sure where to get the updated list for this year. Do they send out PDF...
  19. Sus1

    What not to bring

    ketchup on Spanish tortilla 😱
  20. Sus1

    So why am I addicted to the Camino?

    Interesting perspective about the peeling of the layers of an onion, I like that. My thought about the camino is that it is like gradually unravelling a knot - it allows you to untangle the mess of ordinary life and allows you to reflect & prioritise on what is important

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