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    Foot Problems - Here's a tip - Slightly Off Topic :)

    Pablo I completely agree with you about the value of Podiatrist Orthotics. I have pain in the sole of my heel and bought some Orthotics from Boots (Chemist) which helped a bit, but the custom ones from the Podiatrist are much better. I too had pain in the balls of my feet during/after my...
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    Baby Jumping Festival near Burgos

    From the BBC News Website .......... Castrillo de Murcia looks like it is just off the Camino. I think it is 4 or 5km north of Hontanas. Has anyone seen or heard of this festival? Mercury
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    Scallop Shell

    Hi Anne Brother David who is also a Forum member has a website http://www.PilgrimSupplies.Org I'm sure that you could get one from there if you want to be sure of having one before you leave home. Otherwise, certainly on the Camno Frances it was easy to pick one up along the way. Mercury
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    Hotel in Finisterre

    Hi Sil I stayed last June in the Hotel Rústico Insula Finisterrae. It is about a ten minute walk up out of Finisterre and very calm and traquil and quite smart. Rooms at the front have fabulous sea views...
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    Hi Sally I haven't walked this but ...... You can find information on the Camino Portugues on the Confraternity of St James Website. The total distance from Porto is 232k with about half in Portugal and half in Spain. Depending on how far you plan to work each day you should be able to do...
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    VdlP April 2009

    I'm hoping to walk VDLP at about the same time next year. I haven't told by nearest and dearest yet but I realise all my planning is leading that way. I catch myself researching Spanish classes and mentally running through packing lists. I'm sure when I finished the Camino Frances last year I...
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    Boots or good jogging shoes?

    I wore jogging shoes which were very confortable and had good cushioning in the heel for the streches on roads/hard tracks. But ...... I did get blisters under the ball of my foot and some pain in the bones around ball of my foot which I suspect may have been due to too much flexibility in the...
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    Spanish Fiestas

    I happened to reach Hospital de Orbiga at the time of the festival last year, having no idea it was on. It was an amazing colourful chaotic atmosphere. the streets of the village were lined with stalls with a Medieval theme - food, blacksmithing, leather working etc. Everyone was in a really...
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    Thigh chafing

    On my recent Camino I saw some men and women wearing cycling shorts type exercise shorts under normal shorts. Not exactly a fashion look but it works. Mercury
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    Pack Size/Model Survey

    Perhaps it was! :lol: It's a bummer that there is no UK distributor for AARN. I had to order my pack from New Zealand and trust it would be ok - which it was. But much better to be able to try before you buy and get help with adjusting the pack
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    Pack Size/Model Survey

    Hi Spurs Fan I appreciate this is all a matter of personal choice. Whatever the theories - I have just walked all the way from SJPP to Santiago in 21 days with my AARN pack and it was excellent :) So I would recommend it. Mercury
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    Pack Size/Model Survey

    I completed my Camino a couple of weeks ago with the Aarn featherlite freedom and can't recommend it highly enough. It is not the lightest pack you can get. However lightness is not the only factor. The sports balance pockets at the front not only balance the pack load but also mean that...
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    LIVE from the Camino Hola from Cizur Menor!

    Hola Lauren I am just passed Puenta La Reina. In the hill top town that I can´t remember the name of. I guess I must have passed you today. Not sure I agree Minkey about an easy walk today. All that uphill then picking your way through the stones. I saw Bob M today at Eunate and had...
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    Mailing something to SdC?

    Does anyone know the approx opening hours of the post offices in Spain? Thanks Mercury
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    Sheets, Packs, and Shoes

    Well XM........ I have only sniffed the sheet briefly but I think it does smell a bit - not really stink. I guess it will wear off as I use the sheet. I do also worry about what the insecticide chemical does to humans. My town/shower shoes are Teva Voltera...
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    Sheets, Packs, and Shoes

    Good idea, the salesman in the running shop said that the running shoes should be changed after about 500miles. Mercury
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    Sheets, Packs, and Shoes

    The bed bug sheet is just a rectangle of fine mesh impregnated with an insecticide (Permethrin) The idea is that the bugs in the bed stay on the underside of it and presumably if they come in contact with it they die. It weighs 95g so quite light. I guess whether you take one depends on...
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    Sheets, Packs, and Shoes

    Hi XM Well you are obviously of the "less is more" school! Regarding the Bed Bug Sheet. here is a link ... /1216.html I guess you must be able to get them in the US as well. Regards Mercury
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    Two Sleeps To Go!

    Hi Bob Well my first thought on reading your post was to be jealous that your pack is so light. I look forward to going through my own (further) examination process as I progress through my walk. Will I throw out the non essential dress that has snuck into my pack or will I enjoy a...
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    Sheets, Packs, and Shoes

    Hi Stefanie No need to take separate sheet to cover the bed. You will be sleeping in your sleeping bag so don't actually get to touch the bed. Not to worry you but there has been some discussion of bed bugs (see other posts) doesn't seem to be a problem yet this year. Some people do take a...

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