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  1. kimgaspesie

    Trail markers from 2001

    A-ha! Here he is. Upper right-hand corner of the sign.
  2. kimgaspesie

    Trail markers from 2001

    Thank you! I wasn't sure if the concrete markers had colour-you've answered my question. Yes, it was well-marked, yet I still managed to get lost on two occasions! 😄
  3. kimgaspesie

    How much did you spend and what was the total cost of your Camino Frances, start to finish?
  4. kimgaspesie

    Trail markers from 2001

    Thank you for that. I walked in February 2001 and for the life of me can only remember the arrows and not what the stone markers looked like. Pre-digital camera days definitely made for fewer photos!
  5. kimgaspesie

    Trail markers from 2001

    Would anyone happen to have photos of any trail markers on the Frances around 2001?
  6. kimgaspesie

    Traveling from western Canada - how far in advance do you book your flights?

    Exactly what happened to us with Air Canada in June. They cancelled our flight and gave us one 24 hours later, but with an alternate, longer route. However, we booked through a travel agent who was able to take care of dealing with customer service and managed to get us a better flight than they...
  7. kimgaspesie

    Shoes vs boots (again)

    It doesnt have to be one or the other, take both. 🙂 We did the Frances from Pamplona in July, had 38l backpacks and each of us took our running shoes, boots and sandals. We used the boots 5 days, runners for the rest, and sandals at the end of every day. It is so nice to have the option...
  8. kimgaspesie

    French way: Paved sections to skip

    I second that. The walk leaving Leon is not a scenic one.
  9. kimgaspesie

    Crowding on the Camino Francés?

    Not crowded at all. We've been walking for almost two weeks and haven't booked ahead. On the meseta today (Ledigos) and crossed paths with maybe eight people while walking. We also started walking during the heat wave (41 degrees) and survived. It's quite pleasant now in the mid 20s.
  10. kimgaspesie

    Way too overwhelming to book beds/rooms (mid july - mid August, frances)

    We've been on the camino for 10 days now and haven't had to book ahead anywhere. A great tool is the camino ninja app. Lists distances, all the albergues and their contact details. Seems to be the app of choice with everyone we meet. Buen camino!
  11. kimgaspesie

    Alert Camino closed in Navarra for 2 days

    The police went from town to town on Sunday telling pilgrims to stay where they were or take the bus to Logrono. We did and on Monday took the bus, it was a pleasant walk from Logrono to Navarette.
  12. kimgaspesie

    Fires in Navarra

    Yesterday and today.
  13. kimgaspesie

    Fires in Navarra

    The camino in Navarre region is now closed. We've been advised to take a bus to Logrono.
  14. kimgaspesie

    Fires in Navarra

    Fires all around Ortega. Stay away from the Camino.
  15. kimgaspesie

    Polling Fellow Walkers - Start in SJPP or Pamplona?

    Why not start in Roncesvalles? An easy trip from Pamplona and you start the trail with a beautiful mass.

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