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    Worth it to go in Business Class?

    Some other personal concerns to consider: Height, weight, age(less flexibility), concern for clot formation and possible pulmonary embolism, joint and/or spine issues, shorter line for restrooms. As we get older, some/most develop some medical issues and still do Caminos. Slower walkers...
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    Relocate to Spain after 65

    I would also recommend International Living magazine. It has been published for decades and I have had a subscription for over 40 years. It will be online only in 2023. Also, a former IL editor and her husband started a similar online resource called Liva and Invest Overseas. IMHO, the two...
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    Why I am Considering Leaving This Forum

    Maybe the forum is a large slice of the world pizza pie, we all want different toppings, maybe some are better cooks than others and some don't even want to cook. We are all different,with different perspectives and different needs. Reading the forum does not compel anyone to respond or...
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    Best airports to fly into from U.S. to do Portuguese route

    We researched flying various cities in the US to Portugal and found reasonable fares on TAP, non-stop from Boston and Chicago. For the better fares, we would book two separate tickets and have to collect luggage and reenter through security. So the usual, you save money, but spend time and have...
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    Rain Pants/DIY- Rain Kilt /Skirt made from a big black plastic bag- Cheap and Light

    This thread is great. At college football games, my wife and I use two 55 gallon plastic drum liners, cut down the sides. One covers 4 seats with a bit of wraparound to keep our lower sections dry, #2 wraps around a few people up top and retains heat, keeps us dry. Use the bag concept and you...
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    Hospital Bill from Spanish Hospital

    Not an Allianz fan either. It appears that I could never supply enough documentation.
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    Strategy for losing a toenail

    Having lost the nails on each big toe a few times, I have learned to keep the nailbed protected and moist to keep the new nail growth somewhat soft. I have used second skin for over 35 years. My technique is leave the old nail in place, then only trim the very distal part of the nail as needed...
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    Impressions from my April 2022 Camino Portugués Coastal Route

    Nadine, Thank you for the comments and wonderful videos. We all appreciative of your efforts and positivity that encourages many. Big T
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    Impressions from my April 2022 Camino Portugués Coastal Route

    Thank you, Nadine. Any tips for the older, rusty jointed pilgrims?
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    Backpack For Man w Broad Shoulders

    If Mystery Ranch brand is available, consider giving those a look.
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from the Camino (Portugues)

    Thanks for your descriptions.
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from the Camino (Portugues)

    We start in late September or early October and don't plan to reach SDC until late October. We are a group of guys over age 70, no a group of 70 people.
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from the Camino (Portugues)

    Airfix, We plan to carry daypacks and have our other stuff transported. I would really appreciate seeing your trip details, if you are willing to share them here or via private message. Your trip splits, daily mileage, your accommodations,etc. When people have joint and or back/neck issues...
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from the Camino (Portugues)

    Well, I guess I misspoke, as I intended to mean over 70 years old gents. So I got a laugh out of that and hope others did. Now you have started the wheels turning about 70 men walking together, well, straggling together. If we could do that with people from many countries, that would be quite...
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    LIVE from the Camino Live from the Camino (Portugues)

    Thank you for sharing your daily travels. Would you consider some comments on your accommodations and terrain? We have a group of over 70 gents Caminoing from Porto on October. Your comments would be appreciated, as we gave up double decker beds for Lent 50 years ago, and are still holding to...
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    Day bag suggestions for those shipping main bag ahead each day

    Foot care and blister prevention/treatments, small first aid kit are helpful also. We used small, foldable waterproof backpack for daypack(Columbia from REI). No hip belt, no shoulder pads, but less than 6 pounds total and not a problem. We were on CF in March 2020 and had our share of rain but...
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    Variante Espiritual

    Thanks to kenwilltravel. Those stages look more amenable to our older rusty guys group. No big hurry for us.
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    Travel from Santiago Airport to Sarria

    I am not related in any way to either of these recommendations. Just a satisfied customer. We utilized this taxi service and booked online. Taxi Travel SCQ. Jose was awaiting us with a sign, in the airport building just outside of the exit control area when we arrived. His vehicle was a very...
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    Fitness Plan Six Weeks Out for Camino Francés

    Our group was older guys and we trained 6 days a week, 3 hiking with progressive weight in packs, added hills, then steeper hills. On non-hike days we did exercise biking, swimming, resistance bands. In really bad weather, or really hot(85+ degrees F) we walked in parking garages to limit sun...

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