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  1. mina

    Some reflections on the Camino del Norte

    I walked through the Camino France June 2008 and I heard only in a one place that there has been some bed bugs earlier this year. I've thought that I'll walk the Camino Norte next but lately I have read so much about bed bugs in the Camino Frances. That have made me a little worried because I...
  2. mina

    Sarria - no room at the inn, at any inn, after 3:30pm

    I was in Sarria on June 24th. No problems there for me or my friends. I am glad I did my Camino in June because the only place when albergue(s) were full was in O Cebreiro and I think there were places for piligrims in the church (I am not sure were they slept) It is possible that it happened...
  3. mina

    How much a day to budget living simply in US Dollars?

    I used about 40€/day. That meant that I ate almost every day two times in restaurants. I normally took "Menu del día" which means that you get three courses, wine and bread. Normally it was between 7-10 euros. I also ate breakfast in bars/restaurants. I never made a meal in albergues. Sometimes...
  4. mina

    Class of 2008!

    KiwiNomad06: Quite interesting. I checked your blog and we both were at the same night in Roncesvalles. :-) I started from SJPDP 30th of May and I stayed the night between 30th and 31th in Roncesvalles but I think I walked little bit faster than you after that. The morning in Roncesvalles...
  5. mina

    Class of 2008!

    Yes, he was Mick and he is bald. If he was ahead of you then we didn't meet there. I arrived to Santiago 29th of Juny and I flew back home 3th of July. I remember that Mick started too fast and then he started have problems. Because of that shoulder problem he couldn't carry his backpack.
  6. mina

    Class of 2008!

    KiwiNomad06, really ? I wonder have we met too because I met that Australian man many times. Especially in the first week of the Camino. I also met him in the end in Santiago de Compostela when I had been there few days already.
  7. mina

    info about cebreiro ... o-cebreiro There is no e-mail address but there is a telephone number. I remember that place very well because I was there about four weeks ago. They are renovating the place and now they have only 2 toalets. You can image what happens in the morning...
  8. mina

    Class of 2008!

    Hello, Agnes! I ended my first Camino 29th of Juny and I also started from SJPDP. I enjoyed every minute of the Camino. I got many new friends from all over the Europe and I didn't have any problems, so I was very lucky. Good luck to you, Agnes!
  9. mina

    Book in SJPP I was there one night in May (2008) and liked the place very much. I did the reservation by e-mail. All peregrinos had a dinner together. I got a good start for my Camino.
  10. mina

    I will be thinking of Pilgrims leaving SJPDP on May 19

    Hi BobM! I have been two days in Santiago de Compostela. I have enjoyed the Camino very much and I got many new friends which I hopefully will meet again someday. Three of us are planning to do the "El Camino del Norte" next year. The Camino was quite easy for me. I think the reason is that I...
  11. mina

    I will be thinking of Pilgrims leaving SJPDP on May 19

    Hello! I am in Estella right now and everything has gone very well so far. It rained in the first few days and the paths has been a little bit slippery. Today we have had a sunny day but it isn´t too hot. All the pilgrims has been great and we have had lots of fun. I think that there has been...
  12. mina

    Running the Camino

    By the way, didn't you know that Finnish are grazy. :wink:
  13. mina

    I will be thinking of Pilgrims leaving SJPDP on May 19

    The weather has been cold and rainy in Spain and it's going to be like that next weekend on the Pyrenees. The weather maps show that there are snowing in some parts of Northern Spain. I am considering should I'll take more warming clothes with me.
  14. mina

    I will be thinking of Pilgrims leaving SJPDP on May 19

    BobM: I'll start my Camino with 11,4 backpack. :wink: I have alternative things for some equipment which are lighter but those are not so good than gears I'll take with me.
  15. mina

    High School Student

    I'll be one day behind you, perhaps we will meet on the Camino. :-)
  16. mina

    I will be thinking of Pilgrims leaving SJPDP on May 19

    How often there are villages or towns on the Camino? I mean is it easy to get food from supermarket or little shops at mornings? Did you usually buy little snack for the mornings? Did you have any problems to get food at any time? Sorry, that I made so many questions. I have "The Camino Francés...
  17. mina

    I will be thinking of Pilgrims leaving SJPDP on May 19

    BobM you have almost same kind of thoughts than I do. When it has rained a lot during on a cycling-trip abroad or I have sweated a lot after I had climbed on a hill on a hiking-trip, those times I have thought few times that "I think there is a easier way to live my life, but would I enjoy my...
  18. mina

    I will be thinking of Pilgrims leaving SJPDP on May 19

    Yeah, I am a quite a experienced walker. I have hiked many times in the Finnish Lapland. There I have carried a backpack which have been almost 25 kilos. I have hiked 20 kilometres/day with that pack. Though, condititions will be different in Spain, much warmer and rain could be heavier too. I...
  19. mina

    I will be thinking of Pilgrims leaving SJPDP on May 19

    I am in 10 kilos (water isn't included) now, but there are few things I'll change tomorrow when I'll pack again. Gladly I found a sleeping bag from a supermarket today. It is a summer bag and its comfort figure is +10 and it's only 0,6 kilo. BobM: I noticed from the photo that you wore shoes...
  20. mina

    I will be thinking of Pilgrims leaving SJPDP on May 19

    I had a dream and it was 8 kg. I tried to pack my things to my backpack and I think with my stuff 8 kg is not going to happen.

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