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  1. Crcwalks

    Stuck in Spain

    To be ‘stuck’ in Spain—what a gift. I was always appreciative of the kindness of Spaniards in sharing the Camino with me. I was a guest and never forgot it. Perhaps once rested, you will feel less a prisoner. Enjoy Gaudi’s masterpieces.
  2. Crcwalks

    Any thoughts about bed bugs?

    Never ran into any over five Caminos. Good pilgrim etiquette helps with prevention like never placing back packs or anything that’s been sitting on the ground on beds.
  3. Crcwalks

    LIVE from the Camino Second time in SJPdP

    You are my hero! Keep on walking—great journey.
  4. Crcwalks

    American Airlines canceled my direct flight to Madrid / seeking guidance for getting to Oviedo as planned

    Hi Mike, We live near Ephrata and previously in Chester County. We’ve taken the Philly-Madrid and JFK-Madrid multiple times. Frankly the Philly connection was best. I’d do that route given the options. Best of luck and Buen Camino.
  5. Crcwalks

    Walk the Portuguese or Francés in terms of safety (solo female)?

    Advice all good. Although I have generally walked with my husband, I have walked many days alone on the CF, CP and VDLP. Always followed my gut, did not take the less traveled routes but noted with both CP and VDLP, were very few walkers due to time of year (late Nov CP; early March VDLP). I...
  6. Crcwalks

    How do people 60-and-over plan their Camino?

    I'm well over 60. Walked my first Camino (CF) at 65 in 2017 and three additional full CF plus CP and part of VDLP over a three year period until pandemic grounded us. My husband is in his mid 70s and has walked nine times since he was 65--his last Camino was at 72. We are daily walkers at home...
  7. Crcwalks

    Furball will be good company

    Furball will be good company
  8. Crcwalks

    CF Oct 2017; April 2018; Oct 2018, Mar-‘19 CP 2018 VDLP Porto-Merida 2019

    CF Oct 2017; April 2018; Oct 2018, Mar-‘19 CP 2018 VDLP Porto-Merida 2019
  9. Crcwalks

    Toe Needs your help

    Feet do swell when putting in long days and miles. Check your socks--seams can be an issue. I had best luck with Oboz boots (4 CF and 1 CP later) and Darn Tough socks. Also untied boots and elevated my feet on breaks, took off sweaty socks and put new ones on. mid-day (never in cafes). If I knew...
  10. Crcwalks

    Booking rooms in advance

    We always book SJPDP and in Santiago. In between, always around Easter as Semana Santa is a favorite walking time for Spaniards. There are many times we take our chances and are usually ok with finding a bed. As we’ve added more Caminos (14 between my husband and me) and years, a private room...
  11. Crcwalks

    Beyond Grief - My Next Steps Camino

    I walked my first Camino in 2017 in honor of my mother who lost her unexpected and short battle with an incurable brain tumor in 2016. I experienced a range of emotions as I walked the Camino and navigated my own path through the grief. There are days when you curse and celebrate the walk the...
  12. Crcwalks

    Warning about Follow the Camino company

    Walking my fifth Camino (CF) now. One on the CP and the other four the CF. Also did two weeks on the VDLP earlier this year. This current one, the CF, is my husband’s ninth. We’ve used Brierley ‘s book as a guide. We’ve never signed on with any company. We walk and book as needed. Or, if feeling...
  13. Crcwalks

    Death of a German pilgrim in Najera

    Sad news. Was in Nájera yesterday.
  14. Crcwalks

    Via de la Plata in April?

    Hotel Simon was very comfortable and reasonable. The staff was especially helpful. They kindly called a private hostel for me as I was struggling with translation. The breakfast buffet was a great way to start the first day’s walk. I’m using the Silver Way Platinum app and Gerald Kelly’s latest...
  15. Crcwalks

    Via de la Plata in April?

    I am on the VDLP now with my husband. Started in Sevilla on the 6th. Today it is a beautiful day in El Real de la Jara. The flowers, oaks, herbs, wildlife and domestic &farm animals on the many private lands the Camino passes were spectacular. The weather is excellent. Only one rainy day so far...
  16. Crcwalks

    Easter 2019

    Not closures for lodging but I’d book ahead over the holiday weekend. Markets and some cafes will close. It’s a huge walking time for Spanish, then it quiets down.
  17. Crcwalks

    Coastal or central route?

    Cobblestones are very tough on joints and feet. CP has lots of cobblestone.
  18. Crcwalks

    Coastal or central route?

    Zrexer’s walk out of Porto on central is a tough day or two. 18 km just to get out of city. The coastal relieves you of that 1-2 day slog. Switching at Vila do Conde inland works well.
  19. Crcwalks

    Why we walk

    We walk for many reasons. I respect and honor pilgrims who share openly at a communal meal or in private, while walking 1:1. If shared personally, not communally, I tend to respect that privacy. I do note that easing one’s burden, either by lightening symbolically by sharing or placing a stone...
  20. Crcwalks

    Coastal or central route?

    I walked the Coastal only two days out of Porto then switched to Central. We wanted to check out the beaches which were lovely, a nice change after having completed at full CF five days earlier. Then happily returned to central for more serious walking. This was in mid-November so did keep an...

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