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  1. lisaflora

    How to transport backpacks

    Everyone need to so the Camino their own way. It's about the journey, not the miles or how many kilos you carry. Shouldn't make people feel inferior if they need a transport. There are all sorts of injured, disabled or elderly who need options. This is intended for anyone, no judging!!🙏😍
  2. lisaflora

    How to transport backpacks

    UPDATE..SAVE MONEY ON FRANCES, love Mochila Express. Didn't use Camino comodo, but here's their info too.
  3. lisaflora

    Baamonde to Sobrado dos Monxes

    Yes I went through As Cruces.There is 1 bar open about halfway with a small grocery store and coffee, beer, etc. Otherwise a long but easy walk through soft terrain. Some people started from an albergue in Parga...see attached. It's after you get off the hiway and start the forest trek across...
  4. lisaflora

    LIVE from the Camino Transport service Baamonde to Sobrado on Norte

    Many albergues are OPEN. I did not stay in a single one that was full.....most had plenty of space except for local tourist areas like Zarautz, Santanilla. Most pilgrims booked the night before without problem. Most places accepting touchless payment with gpay or applepay...I rarely use cash...
  5. lisaflora

    3eu Backpack transport service last 100 km Frances

    This service charges less than half of what correos paqmochilla charges. 3 eu per stage. Trying them today....will update if it is a fail!!! UPDATE...MOCHILA EXPRESS THUMBS UP😍. Fast, accurate, cheap. AND they have a good taxi service for humans. Including another service I found, but have not...
  6. lisaflora

    Has anyone used baggage transport on the Del Norte?

    From Sarria to Santiago there is another 3eu/stage service. Much cheaper
  7. lisaflora

    Has anyone used baggage transport on the Del Norte?

    Yes...paqmochilla by Correos is very good. 8eu per stage. Book online the day before by 9p. I posted recently about this if you search. Am posting another service for Sarria-Santiago that I just found for 3eu per stage
  8. lisaflora

    LIVE from the Camino Transport service Baamonde to Sobrado on Norte

    Via Sacra...brand new, lovely, but not cheap. Sobrato monastery albergue still closed due to covid. Their hotel part is open, but was booked
  9. lisaflora

    The current situation of albergues along the Norte

    I am on Norte noe. I was surprised how many are open. I made reservations early this year bc there was almost nothing. But friends on the Norte now had almost no problem searching the night before. Couple of locations where it was tough for them around Zarautz, Deba and Santanilla bc it's...
  10. lisaflora

    LIVE from the Camino Transport service Baamonde to Sobrado on Norte

    Fyi. He can transport bikes, packs, people, etc. Esp if it is too big for paqcorreos
  11. lisaflora

    Revolut instant debit card for intl use

    It is! Almost everyone has a portable card reader, Google pay works perfectly.
  12. lisaflora

    Revolut instant debit card for intl use

    You can order a free plastic Revolut as well. I am truly amazed how many shops take contactless payment for ANY amount. Cash no longer king but you still need a bit for laundry, tips, entry fee for touristy stuff, etc
  13. lisaflora

    Revolut instant debit card for intl use

    From the US, I was getting hammered with ATM fees in Spain to get euros cash. Plus crappy exchange rates, blablabla. I finally got clued into Revolut....downloaded the app and in 5 minutes had euro exchanged and in my preloaded virtual card. Any place that accepts credit card omt on Norte, and...
  14. lisaflora

    New digital Credential is introduced from the Cathedral. There's an app for that!!! But I think the albergue has to digitize their stamp..they can do it at the website link above. Otherwise we are still stuck with manual stamps
  15. lisaflora

    Efren Gonzalez is BACK !!!

    Agreed...he is awesome
  16. lisaflora

    Recycle on Norte Camino and they will plant a tree

    Wonderful eco-friendly program on Camino to help preserve the Camino in Asturias. Look for albergues with brightly colored tall boxes for recycling. Pick up an Ecoperegrino credential and yellow geocery bag, have it stamped at three locations participating in this program (it's a different stamp...
  17. lisaflora

    How to transport backpacks

    Wonderful service by postal system. Just type in location of pickup, dropoff, date and they will pick up and deliver to albergue of choice for 4eu per stage. +34 683 44 00 22 whatsapp
  18. lisaflora

    Jul 25 Mass in Santiago COVID limits

    Yes, I speak decent Spanish and know the Mass well, so say the responsorials by heart in English ...just sometimes hard to appreciate the nuances of the homily 🥴

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