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  1. Charles Barry

    Using the Altus with off and on rain

    I get really hot in a regular poncho, but the Altus opens up in the front to let in the breeze. Of course, if you're walking into the rain, you close it back up for a while.
  2. Charles Barry

    Cycling the Camino

    I was an avid cyclist for years, but I decided I wanted to walk the Camino. All of my cycling friends were shocked! But I wanted to really take my time and see things at a slower pace. I'm glad I did. I have to say that most of the cyclists I encountered were fairly rude and did not ring a bell...
  3. Charles Barry

    Footwear on the plane

    Absolutely. I didn't wear them on my way to Spain for the Camino, and my ankles swelled up--for six weeks! Horrible pain, but I made it. I even wear them on domestic flights now. Why take chances?
  4. Charles Barry

    Purchase a walking stick in SJPP

    I'm with you! I don't know how many walkers I saw using their sticks on flat ground and then carrying them down steep, rocky descents! I use one hiking pole, not a wooden stick, but the same general idea. My Osprey pack has a nifty place to store it when not in use.
  5. Charles Barry

    How many Km/day?

    I took a rest day once a week. It was a great time to get to know a town a little bit. I walked during a very busy time, so I booked rooms ahead every couple of days. I had a couple of short days, but my last day was 26 *miles*. I did okay, and still walked around Santiago a bit, but I hope I...
  6. Charles Barry

    Hello From California!

    Welcome! I'm in San Jose. I walked in 2018. Next stop: The Portuguese in 2022, with friends I met on the Frances.
  7. Charles Barry

    Comment by 'Charles Barry' in media 'Lunch break'

    It was surely one of the most charming towns I walked through. And if I'm remembering correctly it seemed to take forever to get to Ponferrada from there. I was wishing I had just stayed there!
  8. Charles Barry

    Comment by 'Charles Barry' in media 'Slip and Slide'

    There were a few times I opted for the road rather than slip in the mud or walk in several inches of water.
  9. Charles Barry

    Comment by 'Charles Barry' in media 'Walking later = little traffic...'

    I used a few days in advance. In the late Spring of 2018, I still had a hard time finding places. I had to walk a lot farther than I wanted a few days.
  10. Charles Barry

    Comment by 'Charles Barry' in media 'Walking later = little traffic...'

    I usually had late starts. I'm not a morning person. I'd get up, go find breakfast, then go back to my room and pack up and head out. I stayed in hotels, mostly.
  11. Charles Barry

    Comment by 'Charles Barry' in media 'Finisterre'

    Looks something like this:
  12. Charles Barry

    Comment by 'Charles Barry' in media 'Cirauqui - Cats, Coffee, Compeeds'

    First and last chance store there. I know! I walked all the way through town, and then had to walk all the way back!
  13. Charles Barry

    Comment by 'Charles Barry' in media 'Molinaseca'

    It really is a pretty town. I too wish I'd have had more time to spend there.
  14. Charles Barry

    Wanting to avoid all albergues

    I walked the Frances in May and stayed in only one albergue. I booked my first two days from home (SJPP and Orisson), then relied on for the rest. I tried to plan a few days in advance and had only a few problems. Sometimes my first choice of town was booked and I had to choose one...
  15. Camino_196.jpg


    Outside Cirauqui. May 2018
  16. Charles Barry

    Comment by 'Charles Barry' in media 'Orisson'

    I'll be there later in April!
  17. Charles Barry

    Ultralight Day Pack for after walking

    This packs into a tiny little bundle, 2.4 oz:

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