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    ? compeed type blister patches in Spanish pharmacies along the Camino Frances

    I agree. I would only use them, if at all, on an early red spot type blister. On my first camino, there was a lady who used them on both of her feet. The only way she could get them off was to tear off the skin. She had to seek medical care and could not walk for 2 weeks!!!
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    Medical emergencies on the trail

    I never used medical insurance until I got older. I researched it about eight years ago and for me, evacuations, if needed, what is the most important. At that time I felt that Travel Guard was the best. My sister recently had an accident, including surgery and hospital. stay in Germany. She has...
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    Current food/drink prices on the Camino Frances, and Trail Angels

    I have never seen a trail angel on Camino Frances but I return there in 6 weeks, after an 8 year absence. In the US, Trail Angels give away food/drinks for free (especially when on a long trail, like the appalachain trail).Food for sale is a business. i don't think he meant "a side hustle" to...
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    Rain shell in June & July for Camino Frances

    I always bring my very lightweight Patagonia Torrential jacket. I have walked 3 times in the bad summer heat but it can get very cold at night and in the morning. I didn't have any rain but I sure needed it as a 3rd layer for the cold. No umbrella for me due to weight, occupying 1 hand at all...
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    Using Whatsapp to message albergues

    That is how I do it.
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    Rainy forecast? Too humid for clothes to dry!

    I was told by someone who had walked the Appalachian trail (completely) 15 times that "the best way to dry clothes is to wear them (of course this isn't possible if it's too cold).
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    Strategy on staying more than one night in a town

    I can think of 2 two reasons, why a Pilgrim's may switch from one place to the other in the same town. First, it's a Pilgrim's is not quite familiar with the system, and after the first night, finds out that they can't spend a second night. Secondly, if money is really really tight, so the...
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    Leaving Leon - take a taxi to the outskirts????

    I also found that area to be run down and, as a female, I personally would make sure I'm walking with someone, or near another hiker. But it wouldn't keep me from walking it. The alternative route through Mazarife sounds wonderful (but you still have to go through some of the industrial area).
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    Flights home after Camino

    It depends on many factors and you did not say what country you are from (travel time) or how fit you are for hiking. In addition, you might want to see if there is any charge for changing an airline date. This is how I did it (I am from the US): 2 days travel 33 days hiking if going by the John...
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    Taxi from Pamplona to Roncesvalles late April

    Thank you. Coach fare is much cheaper but doesn't leave until 4 PM, so I will get a taxi so I can get to Roncesvalles in time to tour around some.
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    Training, heavy rain for 2 weeks

    Try mall walking, esp in the morning. Usually they open about 30 Mm b4 stores open. I heard it is fun, you start seeing the same people, and you can sit down for coffee afterward.
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    Pamplona to Puente de la Reina (24 km)

    I like the John Brierley "Camino de Santiago" myself. It gives a lot of useful info. You can buy it on this website.
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    Asphalt and other trail types on Camino Frances

    Yikes, I previously broke my back. Forested/grass is the best, then a dirt road, for me. Road/asphalt/cement kill my back (pain). So I prefer the grass/forested areas.
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    6 weeks to go - Plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinitis

    There are a generally recognized number of cortisone shots (and dose per shot) that can be safely given for various areas of the body. Each specialist in each area of the body should be able to advise you.
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    Roncesvalles albergue reservations

    Unless you are a REALLY strong hiker, you may want to consider the 3 1/-4 hour walk to Orisson on day 1, then go on to Espinal on day 2. A triathalon athlete could barely walk for 3 days. Different sports use different muscle groups. To travel from SJPD to Espinal in 1 day is very difficult.
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    Am I packing too much?

    Usually there is a pillow, though it may be quite flat. I also use a pillow between my knees to help with hip pain I have at night. for my second pillow I either use a blow up pillow or my bag of clothes. A pillow case stuffed with clothes can always be used if there is no pillow, or as a...
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    Makeshift privacy for lower bunks

    I saw 2 people recently post about also using towels to create a little privacy. I always bring 2 scarves that weigh almost nothing. Then if I'm on a lower bunk, I tuck one edge under the mattress next to the head end of the bunk, on both sides. This helps create a little bit of privacy, With...
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    Towel - which size?

    I use the Pack Towl ULTRALIGHT. 54 by 25, weighing just 3.4 ounces. Pricey but towels seem to live forever, if you don't lose them. Bigger than I need to dry except I also have long hair. I also take the Pack Towl washcloth, at 1.5 ounces. REI co op has these. The biggest problem is finding them...
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    Am I packing too much?

    To each his own, but I like to have 4 shirts and 4 pair of underwear. That way, I can wear each pair of pants for 2 days thus giving me clothes for 4 days in case I need a break from washing. Technically I (and you) should take just 3 shirts and underwear. If I were you, I would take rain paints...
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    Lightening the Load-Rain , warmth and Sleeping gear for Sarria to Santiago in June

    in the summer, I use a light weight sleeping bag. I always use a layering system. From the waist down, in the summer, I use zip off pants (2 pairs) and have a pair of rain pants available, if needed. My " luxury" item is a base pair ("long johns") to sleep in at night. Sooo if I have a few real...

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